Fight Impotence Naturally

Impotence affects approximately one in eight men but most men still keep it a secret. Men place a high value on virility. Some think there’s nothing they can do. Others have the mistaken perception that somehow it’s their partner’s fault. Sadly, a man often feels ashamed to discuss it with anyone, even the person closest to him.

By medical definition, impotence is a man’s inability to achieve or sustain an erection sufficient for sexual relations. Men over 40 are the most likely to suffer from impotency. By age 65 about 25 percent of men become impotent. However, even those who have suffered from impotency in the past can have healthy and exciting sex lives into and past their 70s.

Common causes of impotency include: alcoholism, drug abuse, high blood pressure, blockages in the arteries, diabetes, some surgical procedures, pelvic surgery, side-effects of medications, long-term use of certain prescription drugs such as blood pressure and ulcer medications, radiation therapy and chronic diseases (such as kidney or liver failure).

At 40, many men become absorbed in the pursuit of career goals and become burnt out in the process. This can affect their health and their libido. They begin taking medication at this age for other ailments that may have adverse effects on their health.

Nerve damage caused by adult-onset diabetes is a major contributing factor of impotence. The condition worsens when the blood sugar levels get out of control. The more closely diabetes is controlled and treated, the less severe and immediate the consequences, including those associated with sexual function. Diabetics can look into alternative ways to control their blood sugar. Natural herbal preparations to balance glucose levels are not harmful to sexual functions. Moreover, these natural formulas prove to be very helpful to the body’s main organs. They are also helpful when taken in conjunction with prescription medications.

Testosterone levels also affect sex drive. Testosterone can drop as a result of fatigue, depression, overwork, stress and lack of sleep.

Herbal Remedies Best

To help prevent impotency, it is essential to live a low stress lifestyle, get adequate sleep and eat a balanced diet. There are also new, potent, natural herbal formulations that can effectively aid towards a stronger, healthier libido. Herbal formulations can help you regain your sexual drive, energy, endurance and sensitivity. They can also help improve the function of the kidneys, liver and prostate, all of which are key to optimum sexual performance.

Horny goat weed (Epimedium) is primarily used as an aphrodisiac but has also been used to treat disorders of the kidneys and liver and helps relieve back and knee pain.

Epimedium appears to have two main mechanisms of action: to increase the levels of testosterone in the body and inhibit the enzyme acetychollinesterase (A ChE) which inactivates cholinergic neurotransmitters. The activity of these cholinergic neurotransmitters is key to sexual arousal and performance. By inhibiting the A ChE, Epimedium may increase sexual arousal and performance.

The Brazilian herb Muira puama has been used as an energy and virility enhancer. Tribulus terrestris can help improve and prolong the duration of erection, increase the body’s level of testosterone and help regulate liver and kidney function along with reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. Other well known herbs like ginkgo biloba (for better memory) and ginseng (for tiredness and poor metabolism) can also help boost energy and circulation and aid with impotence and sexual dysfunction.

Ask your naturopath, family doctor, pharmacist or local health food store owner about new, natural potent herbal formulations. There is no need to give up on any of life’s passions, at any age.

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