A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

Planning on cooking a homemade meal for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day but have no idea where to start? We’ve got you covered with a full menu of delicious, healthy recipes—from starter to dessert!

Starter: Sweet and Tart Cranberry Soup

Okay, so this recipe was originally created with Thanksgiving in mind. However, it’s elevated and sophisticated enough to lend itself to Valentine’s Day just as easily. Full of vibrant colour and bold taste, this tangy soup will be the perfect start to your meal!

Salad: Seared Scallop, Fennel, and Citrus Salad

Not only is this delicate salad gorgeous on the plate and sure to impress, but it’s also packed full of healthy nutrients, such as magnesium and selenium. Looking for a vegetarian option that’s just as beautiful? Try Cucumber Radish Carpaccio Salad.

Main: Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Cherry Glaze

These tender and juicy chicken breasts will be a sure win! Or, for a vegetarian option, try Cheesy Spinach Stuffed Shells for an elevated comfort food dish you’ll both love.

Dessert: Raspberry Avocado Mousse

No, it doesn’t taste like avocado. But it does carry all of avocado’s creamy, nutritious goodness. And the best part of all? It can be made in advance, so all you have to do it pull it out of the fridge and top it with fresh raspberry or chocolate shavings. Sweet! 

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