Coronavirus: The Facts, and How to Protect Yourself

Keep yourself informed and protected against the virus

Coronavirus: The Facts, and How to Protect Yourself

Here's what you really need to know about the viral outbreak that's making headlines across the globe.

With news outlets worldwide churning out reports about COVID-19 (a.k.a. coronavirus), the illness that started in Wuhan, China, you might feel overwhelmed by the many fear-based headlines. We’ve put together the cold, hard facts about the disease, along with your best preventative measures.

What is coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a viral infection that originated from animals, specifically seafood sold in the Wuhan city fish market. There are now more than 100,000 cases of the virus, with most of them occurring within China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran. The global death toll from the virus has surpassed 3,800, and could continue to grow.

The virus can be spread through human-to-human contact. Symptoms include cough, fever, and difficulty breathing. According to the World Health Organization, one out of six people who get infected with COVID-19 become seriously ill and experience the worst of the symptoms, primarily respiratory difficulties. Due to the disease being viral, antibiotics won’t be much help.

Your recovery depends on the strength of your immune system, as most of those who’ve died from COVID-19 were already in poor health before getting infected.

Do you have coronavirus?

Here’s some good news. You are most likely not infected with coronavirus if you have not travelled through China, Iran, Italy, or South Korea recently, as these countries are dealing with the largest outbreaks.

If you’re experiencing common COVID-19 symptoms, you’re more likely to have a regular flu. Get in touch with your health care practitioner and follow their advice if you’re worried.


How can you protect yourself?

Your best strategy for preventing COVID-19 is to avoid exposure to it. You should also focus on bolstering your immunity, as recovery from COVID-19 depends on the strength of your immune system. Here are some of the best preventative measures to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Our biggest piece of advice? Don’t panic. The World Health Organization has stated that COVID-19 is officially a pandemic, primarily affecting people living in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran. But for those outside, your risk of being infected is currently low. Follow smart preventative measures, keep your immune system healthy, and reconsider travel to those countries especially. Go ahead and stay informed about COVID-19—just make sure you’re sticking with reliable resources. Stay healthy out there!

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