#2013alive: Make ‘em Laugh!

#2013alive: Make ‘em Laugh!

Donald O’Connor may have had the right idea - but not for the reasons he expected! For week 5, our goal is to spend more time laughing.

Last week, we embraced our inner child and did all those “crazy” things that we would never normally do as an adult. Now, with goblins and monsters knocking on doors and spooky Halloween episodes flashing across TV screens, growing up is proving to be entirely optional for this week’s goal.

As November draws near, let’s sit back, relax, and tell a few knock-knock jokes because, this week, our goal is to make a point to laugh more.

Is laughter the best medicine?

Health care practitioners are still out on that old proverb, but there is plenty of support to show that a good chuckle has a huge list of health benefits. Laughter has been found to lower our levels of stress, provide protection against depression, and bolster our immune systems. One study found that laughter widened the blood vessels of 33 volunteers, implying that it can even have cardioprotective properties. It looks like cracking up really is as great as it’s cracked up to be!

Ready to laugh out loud?  

Try some of these great snigger-starters.

  • Buy, rent, or borrow some of your favourite comedies. Whether it’s from Robin William’s wit or Mr. Bean’s antics, hilarity is sure to ensue.
  • Hit up improv night at the local theatre, community centre, or wherever the spectacle occurs. Or, if you’re the smart talking and quick witted type, try signing up with a new group.
  • Check out a joke book from the local library. Make sure to actually check it out, though, so that your giggling doesn’t disturb anyone!
  • Sign up for laughter yoga classes. This great activity combines stretches and breathing exercises with laughter to give your body and mind an extra boost.

Laugh with us!

Do you have a joke you’d like to share with us? Try to make us laugh—we double-doggy dare you!  Leave us a comment on Facebook, by sending us a Tweet with the #2013alive hashtag, or by commenting on our blogs.

Plus, don’t forget to download our October goal sheet to see how you did with this month’s goals!

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