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#2013alive: Prep for Next Week - Become an Eco-Friendly Shopper!


It’s time to look forward to week 3 of July’s 12 Months of Wellness, when we’ll be cutting back on the packaging we get from stores.

This past week for our 12 Months of Wellness, we’ve been replacing some of the chemical-laden products lurking in our homes with some more eco-friendly options. As Friday draws to a close, though, the weekend presents us with a great time to look ahead to next week.

For week 3, we’re turning a critical eye to our shopping habits. We’re looking at what we can do to cut down on the various forms of packaging—plastic bags, plastic wrap, polystyrene foam, and disposable containers to name a few—that seem to follow us home from our weekly trips to the grocery store.

Personally, I first became aware of my green side once I moved out on my own and started doing my own shopping. The amount of packaging that I would accumulate after a simple shopping trip was astounding!

I dug out the reusable cloth bags that lurked in my cupboards, slipped one into my purse as a backup, and hung up the rest by my entry door. At the same time, the amount of bulk food I bought—and stored in glass containers that sit on my kitchen counter—skyrocketed.

I enjoy using reusable bags because it lessens the amount of junk I send to a landfill, I save a few nickels each time I go to the store, and I’m saved from having a cupboard-under-the-sink that’s bursting with disposable, plastic bags. How about you?

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