Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Blacktip Reef Shark

Let’s take a deep breath, lift our chins, and fish out some interesting facts about blacktip reef sharks.

Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Jaguar

These spotted predators are the largest cats in the Western hemisphere—so it comes as no surprise that people have been fascinated by them for centuries.

Natural Health Trends

Top 5 Natural Health Trends for 2015

The Canadian Health Food Association has just released their 2015 list of natural health trends—so let’s make this year the healthiest one yet!


What Style of Yoga is Right for You?

Think of yoga as a “choose your own adventure” book. Determine your goal, and then choose the yoga style that’s best for you.

Hair Care

Winterproof Your Hair

Dry, frizzy, brittle hair? Ah, wintertime. Learn how to coax your locks into submission, naturally.