Sacred Seeds Garden

Exploring the First Sacred Seeds Garden

The first Sacred Seeds Garden was planted at Finca Luna Nueva. It preserves more than 300 native Costa Rican plants—and the traditional knowledge of their use.

Environmental Concerns

When Green isn’t Good

Everyone enjoys a tall glass of organic OJ or lemonade now and then. But, with citrus greening disease affecting the world’s citrus crops, our glasses may be left empty.

Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Marine Iguana

Learn why you should never, ever challenge these particular reptiles to a breath-holding contest on this Wildlife Wednesday.

Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Borneo Pygmy Elephant

“Jumbo shrimp,” “pygmy elephant” … What will they think of next? Learn about this walking, trumpeting oxymoron on Wildlife Wednesday.

Canadian Government Regulations

Update on Canada’s New Anti-Spam Laws

You might have heard that Canada has new anti-spam laws. We’d like to take a few moments to explain how alive handles our mailing lists.