Weight Training

Strength-Training Myths and Facts

Will lifting weights make you bulky? Is cardio a better workout? Get the low down on some popular myths about strength training.

Children's Health

Beat Back-to-School Stress!

September, with its strange schools, new teachers, and different classmates, can be an exciting—and stressful—time for kids. Here are four stress busters to help them make the most of the school year.

Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Pygmy Hippopotamus

If you loved the game Hungry Hungry Hippos as a child, then you’ll love our feature animal for this Wildlife Wednesday. Take a few minutes to learn about the pygmy hippopotamus.

Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Maned Wolf

No, nobody taught a skulk of foxes how to use stilts. Learn about the maned wolf on this Wildlife Wednesday.

Rainforest conservation

Why We Need to Protect the Rainforest

Not only are we destroying medicinal plants and precious habitat, we’re changing the world’s weather systems. That’s why rainforest conservation impacts us all.