Moisten Up

If you experience dry, itchy, or flaky skin during chemotherapy, switch to mild soaps and lukewarm water or mild cleansing lotions or cremes. Moisturize often, while skin is still damp. Avoid exfoliating and abrasive skin care products and all products that contain alcohol.

Both men and women can use concealers to hide facial discolorations and dark circles under the eyes. Alternatively, choose a tinted moisturizer and smooth it on as you would any other face lotion. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using new skin products during treatment.

Dry, cracked hands and feet and brittle nails are other side effects of cancer treatment. If these areas become painful or inflamed, consult your doctor, but often some TLC will bring relief. Keep feet cool, dry, and clean and don’t scrub them too vigorously. When clipping finger and toenails, clip gently to avoid cutting the skin. Or treat yourself to a professional manicure or pedicure-just don’t allow your cuticles to be cut, and insist on fresh implements or bring your own sanitized ones. A little bit of moisturizer several times a day will keep hands supple and the skin pain-free during cancer care.

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