About Us

Alive Publishing Group: Empowering others to live well, live naturally!

At Alive Publishing Group Inc. (APG), we take pride in being the first-choice resource for millions of people around the world who want to participate more actively in natural health and wellness! We work tirelessly to always inspire, educate, and empower our readers, partners, and colleagues.

Our Company Values


We thrive on being at the front of the pack.


We are flexible and can turn on a dime.


We love what we do … and that doesn’t leave us any time for negativity.

Next Level

We aim to exceed expectations all the time.


We are always exploring and aren’t afraid to take risks.


We are a great friend and can always be trusted.

alive is much more than a magazine

For more than 40 years, APG has been Canada’s recognized leader in health and wellness. Today, the alive brand is synonymous with natural health and wellness, editorial integrity, and the empowerment of alive readers to make healthy, natural, and sustainable lifestyle choices.

APG publications

The natural health industry is always evolving, and so are we. From our humble beginnings in 1975 with the original alive magazine, we have launched many successful new APG publications.

Vegan Fit and Healthy alive magazine

alive Canada

alive Canada continues to provide our readers with well-researched and relevant articles featuring the latest natural health information, eco-friendly tips, fitness exercises, and stunning recipes. alive is purchased and distributed monthly by natural health retailers across Canada to enhance their customers’ natural health knowledge.

sage power plants magazine


Launched in 2014, sage publishes 10 issues a year and is distributed exclusively to Loblaws stores, bringing natural living ideas to a mass audience.

alive clean it up magazine

alive USA

alive USA was launched in 2016 as a new quarterly publication. Headed by Brendan Brazier, creator of the Thrive book series, alive aims to educate consumers in the US about healthy lifestyle choices.

delicious living magazine

delicious living

For more than 30 years, delicious living has been a trusted voice online and in print for the natural health community. It meets modern needs with contemporary natural health care methods and expert advice, covering everything from health trends to natural beauty to healthy cooking. delicious living joined APG’s suite of products in 2018.

thrive newsletter on laptop


Our monthly thrive e-newsletter presents retailers across Canada with information on major editorial and advertising features in the upcoming issue of alive magazine.

 alive work on tablet


alive@work is the showcase product of alive Corporate Wellness and presents digital wellness content crafted for our corporate wellness business partners. More than 400 corporations in North America deliver each monthly issue of alive@work to more than 700,000 employees.

Other APG Initiatives

Over the years, we have also navigated innovative distribution methods to showcase alive content that our readers love and trust.

alive Academy

Since 1992, the alive Academy has provided distance learning certificate courses and diploma programs in health-related subjects. The alive Academy educates retail store staff, health care practitioners, and other natural health enthusiasts.

alive eNewsletter

Our subscribers receive our alive eNewsletter for current editorial topics, top trends, tips, and product features.

alive Listens

Our state-of-the art online research portal engages readers to produce in-depth survey results that allow us to foresee trends, challenges, and opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

alive Awards

Our alive Awards is an exciting annual event that promotes and recognizes outstanding product innovation while enhancing the credibility of natural health products.

alive Research

By employing Canada’s top national market researchers, alive Research produces exclusive insight into the future of natural health and the natural buying patterns of Canadians across the country.

alive Executive Summit

In 2013, APG hosted the first alive Executive Summit, bringing together top-level executives to discuss the future of natural heath. APG hosts events like these to help companies bring their businesses to the next level and allow the natural health industry to thrive. The second Summit took place in May 2015, and the third Summit in May 2018.