Purity Life

Since 1984, when David and Elyse Chapman first opened the doors of Purity Life, the small distribution company has grown into Canada’s leading supplier of natural health products.

Celebrating 20 years in business last September, Purity Life now represents 165 product lines comprising well over 6,000 different products, including natural foods, teas, supplements, and therapeutics.

Purity Life supplies high-quality natural products to more than 2,800 retailers across Canada, including major food and drug stores, as well as more than 1,800 natural health food stores. In the last five years, the company has expanded its scope by acquiring and developing its own high-quality product lines.

From humble beginnings to a household name

From the beginning, the company has focused on offering consumers the alternatives they need to make informed, healthy choices and access top-quality natural products. Matthew James, vice president of sales and marketing, attributes much of the company’s success to quality products, dedicated staff, and strict inventory and quality control.

“As a company with a strong reputation for quality, we’re highly selective about the natural products we will represent and distribute,” says James. “Quite simply, they must deliver what they promise, and their efficacy must be proven.”

Bringing brands to life

Although Purity Life started solely as a distributor of natural health products, the last five years have seen the company branch out to develop its own brands-and bring new life to existing ones.

In 2001, the company acquired a value brand of vitamins and minerals, and then revitalized the product line by formulating innovative new products such as natural kava, an alternative for stress management, and coral calcium, a bioavailable form of ionic calcium.
Other unique new offerings from Purity Life include tea tree oil products and an immune supplement formulated from plant sterols and sterolins to
balance and improve immune system functioning.

Staying true to their roots

While Purity Life has hit big-time success, David and Elyse Chapman have kept the company’s core values rooted in their vision of “empowering people to create well-being in their lives.” David has served as a committee director for the Canadian Health Food Association, and the couple own a 200-acre certified organic farm in Acton, Ontario, the town where the company’s headquarters are located.

Purity Life’s philosophy of empowering people to create well-being in their lives is also evident in the company’s business practices. In addition to a policy of hiring locally, the company offers profit sharing and other perks that even include an on-site alternative health care clinic.
Throughout its growth from a small-town storefront to a major international company, Purity Life has set the standard for natural health companies worldwide. For more information about Purity Life and the products they represent, visit the company’s website at puritylife.com.

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