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Beautiful Brows

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Beautiful Brows

"Eyebrows are a powerful facial statement," says Jenna Treat of Rejuvederme Spa. Here she teaches you how to get the perfect eyebrows and other grooming tips.

“Eyebrows are a powerful facial statement,” says brow, makeup, and hairstylist Jenna Treat of Toronto’s Rejuvederme Spa. But she cautions to resist the temptation to follow brow trends, and notes that brows should be custom-shaped to best suit one’s face.

Treat Shares Her Expertise

1. The Arch

Brows should start no further than the inside corner of the eye. Most arches occur about three-quarters of the way from the inside corner of the eye.

2. Trimming

“I brush brows straight up and trim the very ends that protrude from the brow line,” explains Treat. Beware: cutting brows too short will make them appear overdone.

3. Shading

“Neutral taupes work on most skin tones, and darker ashen browns work for darker skin,” says Treat. Apply powder-based brow fillers or eyeshadows with a damp, angled brush and stipple on to create a feather effect. Don’t match brows to hair colour; it looks artificial.

4. Highlighting

“Apply a pink or vanilla highlighter to the top of the brow bone with your fourth finger and blend,” says Treat.


To keep brows smooth, run an unused mascara wand with brow gel on it through brows.



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