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Shine for Spring

A new skin care routine


Shine for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and revitalization. Why not let this season inspire your daily skin care regimen? Take some time to relearn skin care basics.

Spring is a time of renewal, revitalization, and new life. Why not let this season inspire your daily skin care regimen? Take some time to relearn skin care basics, get rid of a dull winter complexion, and protect your skin from the new spring sun.

Remember the basics

It’s important to learn, or relearn, what your current skin type is and to alter your skin care accordingly. Don’t have a daily skin care routine? Spring is a great time to start a good habit.

Remember, skin type can change from season to season. There are four common types of skin, and most people fit into one of the four groups:

Normal skin:
Your skin is not overly oily or dry and has an even texture. Choose a mild soap-free cleanser, a mild alcohol-free toner, and a water-based moisturizer. Exfoliate no more than two times per week.

Dry skin:
Your skin easily chaps and cracks, and feels tight after washing. Choose cleansers with natural, moisturizing ingredients such as milk. Use a very mild soap-free cleanser with calming herbal extracts such as calendula or camomile. Make sure to moisturize with a product that contains natural, soothing oils such as almond oil. Your skin needs very little exfoliation—once a week or less.

Oily skin:
You have larger pores and are prone to breakouts. Use an oil-free cleanser. Also, always use a toner as it will help decrease the size of your pores and reduce acne. Moisturize with a very light moisturizer. Exfoliating is essential for people with oily skin because it helps remove dead skin and oil that can contribute to breakouts.

Combination skin:
Some parts of your skin are oily, typically the forehead and nose; some parts are dry, often the cheeks. Use a mild water-based cleanser; tone daily to help even out any discoloured skin areas; and don’t forget to moisturize with a cream-based moisturizer. Exfoliate twice a week with a natural exfoliant—look for ingredients such as oatmeal or sea salt.

Brush off the old

Skin has its own life cycle. Every so often, skin cells close to the surface die and should be removed to reveal the younger, newer skin cells below. What better time to focus on this practice than this season of new life? The result will be glowing skin and a vibrant, springlike appearance. There are two effective ways to do this:

  • Exfoliate your face and body with a natural scrub. Keeping your skin type in mind, choose an exfoliant that has natural, organic ingredients gentle to the skin.
  • Use a body brush. Try brushing your body daily with a natural-bristle brush. Start with the hands, then move to the rest of the body using firm strokes; skip sensitive areas such as the face and breasts. After brushing, take a shower as you normally would to gently wash away the dead skin cells that you’ve removed.

A fresh new season is here and it’s time to show off your complexion. Take time to re-invest in your skin care regimen and step out confidently into the world this season. Out with the old; in with the new.

Here comes the sun

During the spring and summer, we spend more time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, walking our pets, and tending to our gardens. The vitamin D that the sun provides is good for our bodies, but we must remember to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. It is imperative to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 before going outside.

Look for sunscreens with natural ingredients that are easy on the skin. Choose micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide—mineral ingredients that act as a barrier between your skin and the sun.

Make your own springtime exfoliant

Mix 2 cups (500 mL) sea salt into 3/4 cup (180 mL) organic olive oil. If you wish, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Two good options include lavender or sweet orange. Apply about 1/2 cup (125 mL) of the mixture to dampened skin, gently massaging it in a circular motion with your palm. Rinse and finish with a light moisturizer. You’ll feel fresh and invigorated.

For a facial exfoliant, substitute organic lemon juice for the olive oil.

If you don’t have the time or the ingredients to make your own, visit your natural health retailer instead—they have many wonderful skin care products to show you.



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