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Spring Impressions

Colour & textured makeup


Spring Impressions

Each new season creates an opportunity to experiment with new makeup. The colour scheme this spring is fun, fresh, and bright, so try these spring makeup trends.

Each new season creates an opportunity to experiment with new makeup and express yourself through beautiful colours and flawless finishes. The colour scheme this spring is fun, fresh, and bright, revving up the conventional neutral tones of safe, everyday colours.

The key to beautiful makeup is to balance the features of your face with the intensity and tone of the colours you use. According to makeup artist Jonathan Hennessey, colour and texture are part of the basic art principles of the makeup process. Hennessey is co-founder of NOBASURA ( a creative agency for hair, makeup, styling and photography.

Colours in Contrast & Harmony

Colours work well together when combinations are chosen on the basis of contrast and harmony. Colours opposite to one another on the colour wheel are complementary because they create contrast, bringing out the intensity of each other. Colours next to each other on the colour wheel are harmonious and work well together.

Enhance Your Spring Look

Spring’s new looks all begin with your skin. Sweep away the drying effects of harsh winter weather and indoor heating with natural exfoliating products. Clay masks and gentle scrubs help to revitalize dull, dry skin and increase circulation. They also clean out pores that have become congested with the heavier, richer products used to moisturize dry, winter skin. Adjust your beauty regimen to match the change in the weather and switch to lighter, water-based products.

Use Texture to Intensify Colour

From simple sheers to matte finishes, texture plays a role in how the eye perceives colour on the skin. Some textures make colour more intense and some are light reflective, giving the illusion of a brighter skin tone. Shimmery textures grab the attention of the eye, making the features more apparent, while matte textures tend to blend in.

Whether you are a minimal makeup person or an aficionado who loves to experiment, beautiful makeup is about finding the balance that suits your individual style. Through the key elements of colour and texture you can bring out your best features and incorporate current trends without losing sight of your natural beauty within.

“Instead of the predictable trend toward minimalist makeup,” Hennessey says, “in its place this spring comes a face that truly brings out the strength of each feature. The result is a structured and thoughtful look that uses a colour palette and makeup texture as individual as you are.”

The Eyes Have It

This spring, muted reds and milky shades of pink on eyelids create stunning contrasts to the blue, green, or brown tones of the eye. Eyebrows have a fuller and more natural shape.

Cheeks are highlighted in washes of colour, with less intensity than the eyes.

Lips are softer than we saw in the fall, but still vibrant with saturated colours and beautiful finishes.

The colour scheme this spring is fun, fresh, and bright.

Eye Colour Try These Eyeshadow Colours
green or hazel purple tone
blue brown and beiges
brown pink- or red-based brown, purple or warm green


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