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17 Kid-Friendly Eco Tips


17 Kid-Friendly Eco Tips

There are countless ways to go Zero Waste with kids.

  1. Use cloth diapers.
  2. Pack litter-less lunches.
  3. Walk, bike, or take public transportation when possible.
  4. Visit farms and farmers’ markets to shop for local, seasonal food.
  5. Take your children to refill/bulk stores with you.
  6. Cook and bake from scratch with your kids.
  7. Get the kids involved in recycling and composting.
  8. Bring on-the-go reusables: cutlery, napkins, travel mugs, water bottles (or sippy cups), and a soapy cloth in a wet-dry bag.
  9. Repair clothing, and teach your children how to mend.
  10. Utilize your local library.
  11. Organize a neighbourhood clothing, book, or toy swap.
  12. Make DIY products with your kids (such as lip balm, bath bombs, or play dough).
  13. Shop second-hand.
  14. Get outside into nature whenever possible.
  15. Donate to environmental organizations and discuss this with your children.
  16. Forgo the party balloons and opt for low-waste goodie bags.
  17. Encourage non-material and experiential gifts.


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Matthew Kadey, MSc, RDMatthew Kadey, MSc, RD