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Celebrating Father's Day

Something just for him


Father's Day takes place on the third Sunday in June. This year don't buy your dad silly things; instead try these gift ideas and give him something unique.

Father’s Day takes place annually on the third Sunday in June when we celebrate our dads with cards, presents, and of course, our love and attention.

Usually the love and attention are pretty easy to provide, but the gift giving can so often miss the mark: bad ties, musty colognes, and those ever popular “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs.

This year fight the impulse to buy your dad silly things that he’ll eventually stuff in the back of his closet. Instead give him something really unique that speaks to the man he is.

For the traditionalist
For some, Father’s Day is not complete without traditional staples such as socks and ties. If that’s you or your dad, consider an eco-friendly twist.

  • Find socks and ties made of organic fibres such as hemp or linen for a gift both you and your dad can feel good about. These products are made using sustainable methods—without chemical pesticides and processing.
  • Visit Canadian company for a variety of father-friendly and earth-friendly accessories including organic hemp ties, belts, socks, and wallets.

For the avid griller
Even dads who can barely manage scrambled eggs love to barbecue. This year for Father’s Day, gather the family together for an afternoon cookout.

  • Every barbecue fanatic needs the right equipment on which to grill. Replace your dad’s rusty old charcoal or propane barbecue with one of several eco-friendly electric versions.
  • Pick up some organic bison meat for your dad—it’s lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and has a rich, sweet flavour. Visit for information on buying bison meat, recipes, and instructions on how to prepare it.
  • Only one thing is missing to complete the perfect Father’s Day cookout: beer. Organic beer is one of the latest and most delicious additions to the organic and natural food industry. Try any one of a number of fine Canadian organic brews, made with 100 percent natural ingredients, or visit your local specialty beer and wine store for other organic options.

For the smooth and sensitive type
Most dads don’t know the difference between a cleanser and an exfoliant. Many dads have never purchased a skin care product, aside from the occasional lip balm. This Father’s Day introduce your dad to the delights of having soft, healthy skin with all-natural skin care products he won’t want to deny he loves.

  • Try a line of men’s bath and body products with 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • Give dad an organic cleansing bar made with shea butter and menthol to refresh, awaken, and soften the skin.
  • Or try a natural dry herbal deodorant that contains no harsh ingredients or preservatives and has a deliciously masculine scent.

For the cutting-edge dad
Spending time in some green space is a great way for dad to relax. From the backyard to the local park, getting outside can improve your dad’s mood and well-being.

  • Replace your dad’s old gas lawn mower with an efficient electric one. For active dads, go for a modern manual mower. Technology has given these old clunkers a new life—now they’re exceptionally lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • If your dad doesn’t have access to his own backyard but still enjoys gardening, a plot in the local community garden will give him hours of enjoyment, and you may even get some fresh juicy tomatoes out of it. Most community gardens have long waiting lists, so get your dad’s name in as soon as possible.

For the healthy hero
As kids we all thought our dads were invincible—thwarting monsters in closets and removing spiders from bathtubs. But as our dads get older, they may face a number of health issues.

  • Make your dad an appointment for a physical with a naturopathic doctor (to find one in your area, visit the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors at A physical should include a blood pressure check, a heart and lung exam, and a prostate exam for those dads 40 and over.
  • Register for the Underwear Affair 2009 and walk or run 5 or 10 km in your briefs or boxer shorts with your dad to raise money for cancers below the waist. It’s a fun event that you can do together, and it’s for a great cause.


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