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One of the most devastating problems facing many couples today is not being able to have a child

One of the most devastating problems facing many couples today is not being able to have a child. I see infertility in many patients and the anguish is nothing short of heartbreaking for those who really want to have one. Many such couples have been everywhere clinics for fertility enhancing drugs, vitamin injections, artificial insemination and counselling. All to no avail.

Understanding the process of conception is important. A Fallopian tube is one of a pair of long, slender ducts serving as passage for the ovum (eggs) from the ovary to the uterus and named after Italian anatomist Gabriello Fallopio. When a woman ovulates, the egg goes down one Fallopian tube one month and then down the other Fallopian tube the next. It alternates to give one or the other a "break."

The egg starts at one end of the tube and ends up at the uterus or womb at the other end. The egg does not swim or have flippers, arms, or legs. It's carried along by what we call passive transport. In other words, it's simply a bystander going for a ride much like a ride in a convoluted water tube of a water park. The reason this takes place is because of a very exact function of the different muscles that make up the walls of the Fallopian tubes. They literally "squeeze" the egg from one end of the tube to the other. The purpose of this function is to meet the sperm at the other end so that fertilization can take place and a fetus can start to develop.

This process is called peristalsis and is similar to swallowing while you eat: the muscles in your esophagus the tube through which you swallow food literally guide what you have just swallowed all the way down into your stomach. The same process happens with the Fallopian tube.

In most couples who are labelled infertile it seems that the egg is not able to make it through the tube to meet the sperm. Unless that union is allowed to take place, there is no pregnancy, hence no baby.

What Can Be Done

Let's look at this even closer.

The muscles of the ducts propel the egg from one end to the other, in order to meet the sperm. In cases of infertility, however, this does not take place. Why would muscles that are designed and programmed to perform that very special function every month, decide suddenly that they simply won't do it? Well, the answer is quite simple it's not their decision. The muscles of your body do not decide on their own what to do. They are literally ordered or not ordered to do their job.

In cases of infertility, I have found that the muscles are simply not able to take the egg from one end of the Fallopian tube to the other. In most cases, it's the fault of the nervous system that controls that very function. From my experience as a chiropractor, I have found that the culprit is a misaligned vertebrae, generally in the lower part of the spine, which interferes with the manner in which the Fallopian tubes would normally function. By correcting this and allowing the nervous system to control the function of those Fallopian tubes normally, couples can achieve pregnancy. As evidence that this theory actually works well, we have a number of children running around our Centre who are living proof and testimony of the amazing power of the body to function normally.

If you, or someone you know, is having difficulty achieving pregnancy, I strongly suggest they consult a chiropractor for an opinion first, before time is wasted on seeking some new wonder drug or therapy.



Taking Care of the Body’s Supercomputer

Taking Care of the Body’s Supercomputer

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