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Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

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Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

Not sure what ot get you mom for Mother's Day? Here are a few unique gift ideas she may appreciate.

Not sure what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Before you reach for the old standbys—the box of chocolate, bottle of perfume, spa gift certificate, or the “World’s Greatest Mom” mug—take a moment to consider what she really needs.

Aim for a gift that suits her personality and wishes; one that will be truly valued by her. Here are a few suggestions for some unique treats she may appreciate, many of which are also good for Mother Earth.

Flowers and plants

Cut flowers are a popular Mother’s Day gift, but they may be sprayed with harmful chemicals or be imported from afar, requiring extra fuel consumption and refrigeration. To treat mom to a healthier bouquet, look for locally grown, organically produced flowers. Or better yet, try a potted flowering plant or bonsai tree (some of which can be planted outside as well).

Packets of seeds for the garden make great small gifts for the green-thumbed mom. If your mom likes to grow things but has no access to an outdoor space, try an indoor herb garden or a shiitake mushroom growing kit. Both are ideal for growing fun indoors.

A custom-made goodies basket

It can be a bit tiresome for mom to receive the same pre-packaged box of assorted chocolates year after year. Why not make her a custom basket of goodies instead? Pick up a basket and some tissue paper at a craft store, then head to your local organic market and buy some of her favourite items or new products that you think she’d enjoy.

For a novel treat, include a good book or magazine (maybe alive?) that she can read while she enjoys her basket of delicacies.

Dining out—in nature

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants. Instead of spending time waiting for a table at a crowded eatery, plan a picnic for your mom. Pack your basket the night before with her favourite foods, the necessary utensils and condiments, and a soft blanket to sit on. Take a walk together until you find a quiet place to sit and enjoy your picnic, and then relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Good conscience bling

The jewellery business runs a brisk trade around Mother’s Day, but do you really want to give your mom dirty gold? It takes up to 18 tonnes of mine waste to produce enough gold for one ring. As well, processing the gold creates significant air pollution in the form of sulphur dioxide, and nearby water sources often become polluted or depleted.

Opt instead for fair trade silver jewellery, or items made from shells, glass, or various recycled materials. Many lovely pieces can be found online at NOVICA (, a cyber store associated with National Geographic that stocks jewellery and other products from artisans around the globe. Another great website that supports global artists is Women for Women International (

Ensuring a meaningful gift

The key to successful gift giving is to carefully ponder what it is that the recipient truly enjoys. In other words, don’t opt for a traditional Mother’s Day breakfast in bed if your mom is the type who prefers to hop out of bed, grab a power shake, and get going with her day.
Instead, think long and hard about your mom’s likes, interests, and needs. Consider the suggestions given here, as well as the many other ideas you’re sure to imagine, and make certain that this year’s gift is the perfect fit for your mom.

Of course the best gift may simply be that perfect, one-size-fits-all present that suits most every mom: spending quality time with her and making her feel as special as she really is.

The best gift

…may simply be that perfect, one-size-fits-all present that suits most every mom: spending quality time with her and making her feel as special as she really is.

Thanks, Mom

A recent survey of over 2,000 moms revealed that many mothers (73 percent) would be satisfied with a simple “thank you” on Mother’s Day. The gifts that moms desired most? A card ranked first, followed closely by a day completely free of chores or responsibilities.

To make your card more special, put a favourite photo of you and your mom inside, or write her a little poem or a note of appreciation. Keep mom’s day chore-free by making sure that you and other family members take care of all of the meal planning, cooking, and cleaning up for her special day, so that she can truly relax.



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