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Restoring Health with Clustered Water


It was literally a case of life and death for Dr Lee Lorenzen. His wife Penny was severely ill, suffering from chronic pain and multiple viral infections.

It was literally a case of life and death for Dr Lee Lorenzen. His wife Penny was severely ill, suffering from chronic pain and multiple viral infections.

"I had exhausted everything," he says. "We tried medication, vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic–you name it, we tried it. Nothing was working."

Finally he decided to try healing springs and soak her in water which people claimed produced healing. When she really did get better, he started his research in earnest.

What was in the water that produced such spectacular results? Dr Lorenzen quickly found out that it wasn’t the chemistry. So he began to look at the water itself.

Using a new method of flash-freezing water with liquid nitrogen right at the springs’ source, Dr. Lorenzen and a team of Japanese scientists discovered that the water was micro-clustered, or structured in geometric rings. The molecules themselves look like six-sided snowflakes when frozen, and these hexagons were most prevalent in the water of healing springs.

Trying to replicate the hexagonal water rings in the laboratory was not easy. Since the water molecules are "biologically active," they work well in hydrating living tissue, unlike ordinary water.

Most importantly, the size and shape of these unique water molecules allows them to pass through cell walls freely, delivering oxygen, nutrients, proteins and enzymes, while removing toxic substances.

Preparing this type of water involves a fourteen step process which includes running a high-pressure purified water steam through ceramic, then exposing it to magnetic fields and a template material.

The significance of the six-sided shape of the water molecules is profound. First, the molecules are the right shape to fit through the hexagonal channels in the cell membrane and inside the cell itself.

Also, most importantly, says Dr Lorenzen, this is the primary form of water in a very young child. Research done by Doctor Katayama, published in a scientific paper. described it as "clustered water," or "biowater." He showed that this was the dominant form of water in very young potent cells. Evidently by the time we reach the age of 36, the amount of biowater or clustered water drops by 60 percent.

"The stability of the hexagonal shape gives the water and the rehydrating cell systems a biologically active form of water. We also know that as these protein systems tend to degenerate, the net amount of water in the cell systems tend to drop off. They tend to degenerate as part of the natural aging process," says Dr Lorenzen.

"There’s an average of about 75 trillion cells in a human being, and water is necessary for transport, for waste removal, and for intercellular communication," he concludes. "When people go back on solutions, cells are being reenergized because enzymes are coming back to normal levels. We’re giving those enzymes the structure they need to function.

"Basically this is not a therapy," asserts Dr Lorenzen. "This is not a disease treatment. If you go and have restorative surgery, a crushed bone for example, an orthopedic surgeon rebuilds that bone and gives it structure and function. We’re basically doing the same thing [with] at the cellular level. And frankly, it’s so simple, it’s been overlooked."

Using this type of water, the body itself can eliminate edema, help improve intercellular water pressure, help improve protein structure, and cell function.

"We’re creating a biologically active, very rapidly utilized form of water in hexagonal rings that exists in nature, that exists as the normal healthy form of water, says Dr Lorenzen. "We’re putting it back into older systems that they can do their jobs and give these age-damaged systems a chance to do their work."

Biochemist Steve Chemiske writes that these hexagonal water clusters which support the DNA structure "vibrate at specific resonant frequencies and these frequencies can help restore homeostasis to cell structures in the body through signal transduction...the process by which one form of energy is converted to another."

"When clustered water is consumed, high frequency information is transmitted to proteins... and this wave of information is carried throughout the body like a ‘wake-up call’ to restore normal function."

As a precursor of electro-magnetic energy medicine, the use of this special water may be a powerful boon to the health professions.

"We’re not treating disease," reaffirms Dr. Lorenzen. "We’re trying to restore order, so that the body can heal itself."



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