Welcome Our Millenium Babies!

Welcome Our Millenium Babies!

Our three favorite mothers made it through the past nine months in healthy, happy style. And they’ve been willing to talk about their experiences to share with you–so thanks all around!

Without further ado, it’s time to introduce the millennium babies.

Randi, 30
Winnipeg, MB

Tekla Anne was born eight days late. But when the contractions finally started, Randi says she felt like it was Christmas morning! “My water broke and I ran and took a shower, and then I started to shave my legs between contractions!” Randi says. “It made sense at the time.”

Since then Randi’s been on an emotional roller coaster: overjoyed, scared, tired–everything.

Randi says her major discomfort now is that “her nipples are burning.” She’d like to encourage new mothers to lean on each other, because breast feeding isn’t necessarily easy. She’s found a great support network and has been relying on them heavily.

Tekla Anne weighed 3.66 kg at birth.

Amy, 24
North Vancouver, BC

Amy was in labor for 46 hours and says it was extremely painful. She relied a lot on careful breathing to control the pain but at one point, Amy says she blacked out completely. When she woke up, all she could see was her husband’s shirt–because she was chewing it while he was still in it!

In spite of the agony, Amy says child birth was a fantastic experience and is thrilled with her new life as a mom.
Abigail Jane Barrett weighed in at 3.32 kilograms.

Magdalena, 37
Toronto, ON

Magdalena’s labor was painful, but not as bad as she was expecting. She delivered her baby 24 hours after her water broke.

Magdalena says she felt the blues quite badly for the first week–the baby cried a lot and she cried right along with him. Although Jeroni Alexandre is healthy, he was a small baby–weighing just 2.34 kg–and Magdalena worried about this. Everything was–and still is–new. She’s feeling different emotions and concerns and is adjusting to a whole new schedule. One which includes a lot of interruptions!

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