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Forget Pie! Here are 5 Unique Ways to Enjoy Pumpkin


Skip the pie - consider cooking something unique with pumpkin this fall.

You may have had your share of pumpkin pie this last weekend, but don’t write pumpkin off just yet. Loaded with vitamin A (it contains 245 percent of our daily recommended intake), vitamin C, dietary fibre, and potassium, pumpkin is a delicious and wholesome addition to a variety of dishes

Pumpkin is most famous for its star role in pumpkin pie; however, in the culinary world this gourd-like squash is prized for its versatility, adding flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. For example, pumpkin can be a welcome, yet unexpected, addition to hearty stews and stir-fries, or a delicious purée alongside a well-seasoned lean protein, such as turkey or chicken breast.

So next time you see a crate of pumpkins sitting outside the grocery store, consider taking one home to cook with—because some pumpkins have bigger dreams that becoming pie filling.

This is the perfect quick and easy post-Thanksgiving meal, using leftover shredded turkey (or ground turkey any time of the year) and canned chickpeas and pinto beans. Pumpkin adds a mild sweetness, which pairs well with the spiciness of the dish.    

Adding pumpkin purée and cinnamon to pancakes gives it a seasonal flavour, plus it ups the nutritional content (remember all the vitamin A?).

We see a lot of butternut squash soup during fall, but pumpkin soup is a nice alternative. This recipe uses Cinderella pumpkin, which is a bright orange heirloom variety available at many farmers’ markets. Don’t worry though if you can’t find one, regular pie pumpkins will work just fine.

Pumpkin adds a rustic twist to this classic Middle Eastern condiment. Serve it as you would regular hummus, with crackers, pita wedges, raw or blanched veggies, or spread on a grainy baguette with thinly sliced veggies.

Serve this rich pumpkin custard when guests come over for a fall-inspired dinner party. It has the essence of pumpkin pie, but with a crème brûlée twist.



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