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Give a Sweet or Savoury Food Basket This Year


This year, why not give gift baskets with homemade food?

Gift baskets are great presents—you can personalize them, stuff them full of the recipient’s favourite things, and add your own decorative touches. This year, why not give gift baskets with homemade food?

Using some of our best recipes, we’ve done the work for you and come up with two ready-to-make gift baskets—one for those who prefer sweet treats and one for those who prefer savoury snacks.

Sweet basket
Perfect for sweet tooths everywhere, these five recipes use naturally healthy ingredients, including dark chocolate, oats, dried fruit, and heart-healthy nuts.

Savoury basket
These savoury snacks are ideal for foodies watching their sugar intake. Plus, the dried herbs and preserves will last for months!

Gift basket wrapping
The good thing about gift baskets is that the wrapping is minimal, and the basket itself is part of the gift. Add some decorative pinecones or holly branches for a festive theme, and a big bow to complete the look. Et voila!



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