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Go Glam for Mother’s Day


For Mother’s Day, I know I’ll be hinting at this menu, because I have confidence my partner and son can pull these recipes off. They’re designed to work when kids (get them to help with the pancakes) and adults (who do the chopping and oven work) are involved together.

These recipes are beautiful, delicious, and flexible, which means plant-based or vegetable-forward moms (like me!) can be treated to a special occasion meal that will leave them feeling their best.

Begin Mother’s Day with a one-bowl pancake she can top to the max. Or, for the savoury-loving Mom, serve our avocado tartine with addicting umami sauce; it’s every bit as good as it looks. For lunch, a bowl filled with nourishing ingredients dazzles.

Snacks and dinner are glam-yet-casual because moms deserve to be comfy all day (think organic cotton sweatpants). And dessert, my favourite part of the day, is a chocolate mousse pie that is plant based, gluten free, and filled with a surprising amount of feel-good ingredients; topped with seasonal berries and coconut whipped cream, it’ll be hard to stop at one slice.

Glam, doable, and oh-so-good recipes that will bring a smile to Mom’s face—this truly special lineup will be one to remember, share, and gush over, year after year.


One-Bowl Cashew Milk Pancakes with the Fixins

One-Bowl Cashew Milk Pancakes with the Fixins
Avocado Tartines with Umami Sauce, Tomatoes, and Japanese-Style Sprinkle

For the savoury-loving Mom, these tartines are quick to prepare and look fabulous on the brunch table. A refreshed take on the now-classic avocado toast, they’re perfect on their own or paired with a colourful smoothie, tofu scramble, and fresh fruit salad.

Heirloom Veggie Grain Bowls with Chicken and Seared Halloumi

A fresh lunch inspired by the warmer weather, all components of this dish can be made ahead, even packed for Mom and her family to take on a Mother’s Day picnic. The bowl gets glam with the addition of microgreens (or sprouts), heirloom veggies, and meaty halloumi cheese.

Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Platters with Two Plant-Based Dips

More fun than a side salad, it’s a spread of the good stuff in a burst of glam colour, with two dipping sauces: one sweet for the fruit and one savoury for the veggies. What’s more, this arrangement of produce will double as your tablescape. Don’t forget to use Mom’s favourite fruits and veggies! Below are some suggestions to get you started.

Burst Cherry Tomato and Tuna Pasta with Fresh Chili and Olive Oil

Burst cherry tomato, spinach, corn, and tuna (or salmon or chickpea) pasta with fresh chili and olive oil makes for a warm-weather, southern Italian-style pasta that’s light, fresh, and endlessly adaptable.

Epic Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie

Calling all chocolate lovers: make this show-stopping but very achievable dessert to impress Mom. A press-in crust, whipped coconut cream, berries, and flaky salt to top it all off take the chocolate “dream” pie to the next level.




Wild Salmon with Ramp Salsa Verde

Wild salmon is by far the best salmon you can get — it is sustainable and is more healthful than farm raised. Over-fishing, pollution, and the damming of rivers have depleted populations of wild salmon around the world, but in the Pacific Northwest locals are fiercely active in their efforts to protect the wild salmon population. A few years ago my sister surprised me with a chartered fishing trip out of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, which was a great opportunity to learn about the native species of fish in the area, including salmon. Sadly, the salmon evaded us that day, but we did accidentally catch a bald eagle that snatched a cod we were reeling in. The bird got tangled in the line and for a minute we were really concerned we would have to remove the line from an angry bald eagle. Lucky for everyone it managed to free itself and we were all spared.