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International Soups

A culinary world tour in a bowl


International Soups

Locally grown and easy-to-find ingredients form the basis of these healthy international soups. These warming traditional soup recipes create a meal in a bowl.

All over the world, everyone loves a good soup. A culinary tradition for centuries, soup is still a popular menu staple today.

Combining a variety of ingredients and serving them in a warm bowl has a way of warming the soul while providing all the nutrients the body needs to be fuelled until the next meal. A soup does not have to be simply the introduction to a meal, it can be a meal in itself.

Many soups have been created using local and easy-to-find ingredients. Countries along the Mediterranean coastline in Europe all have their own version of fish soup. France has its bouillabaisse and bourride, Italy its cioppino, and Greece its kakavia. Landlocked countries often use legumes to provide protein.

Soups with an international flair include vegetables, proteins, seasonings, and broth that make up the building blocks of good nutrition. Combining different flavours is also an easy way to introduce picky family members to new flavours.

Take a culinary tour of the world by creating international soups in your own kitchen.




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