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Kitchen Corner: Nuts


That nutcracker has his uses! Take him out of mantelpiece retirement and have a crack at some nuts.

Think of the classic nutcracker. Now mainly a decorative, if slightly sinister sight, they are actually meant to, you guessed it, crack nuts.

Bowls of nuts, still in their shells, are another Christmas classic. Sitting around with your family, munching on nuts is not only traditional—it’s also nutritional. Nut lovers benefit from lower average body weights, lower blood sugar, and lower blood pressure.

Here’s a little bucket list of all-star nuts to have a crack at this Christmas.



These mild-flavoured favourites are high in calcium and vitamin E and are very satiating. This is great news, in the season of overeating.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are great for hair, skin, and eyes thanks to the high vitamin E content. They are also a great source of selenium, which supports healthy thyroid and immune function.


In nutty terms, these guys are the lowest in calories and fat, while being high in fibre. They do lose out on the protein factor but make up for it with a dose of B vitamins. And they give you an excuse to listen to Bing Crosby.


We heart pecans. And pecans heart hearts. These nuts are rich in plant sterols, which are effective for lowering cholesterol. They are also high in antioxidants and vitamin B3, which can help with energy levels.


Hormone-balancing vitamin B6 is a must at this time of year when emotions are running high. Thankfully, yummy pistachios are full of it. As an added bonus, they are also high in potassium and fibre, amongst a slew of other nutrients.


And finally, the big kahuna. Walnuts are often used as superfood warriors against cancer thanks to their sky-high antioxidant content. They also deliver a chunk of omega-3 and lower LDL cholesterol. 



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