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Meatless Monday: 5 Veggie Rice Bowls


Vegetarian comfort food, anyone? Make one of these feel-good rice bowls with toppings such as teriyaki tofu and maple-glazed mushrooms.

Comfort food is great, but healthy comfort food is even better. Rice bowls, I’m looking at you! Made with brown rice, beans, and veggies, they’re an easy Meatless Monday meal.

Vegetarian and gluten-free athletes, take note: rice bowls are also a perfect choice for when you’re sweaty, sore, and hungry. Workout-weary muscles need a three-to-one ratio of carbs and protein to feel less like goo, and most rice bowls deliver.

So go on—cook up one of these cozy rice bowls for Meatless Monday. You can thank us later.

1. Teriyaki Tofu Rice Bowl

Tofu never tasted so good! This dish packs a fiery punch, though it’s mellowed by the addition of creamy avocado and honey. To make this recipe gluten free, just use tamari or gluten-free soy sauce.

2. Maple Mushroom Rice Bowl

Sure to satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike, portobello mushrooms have a chewy texture and rich flavour. Glazed with maple syrup and nestled on a bed of kale, they become even more delicious.

3. Egg Rice Bowl with Basil Oil

Eggs might be your best friend at breakfast, but they’re also worth welcoming in this fluffy, feel-good dinner recipe. Roasted tomatoes are divine, but this recipe’s real star is the freshly made basil oil.

4. Black Bean and Brown Rice Veggie Bowl

How can something so simple taste so good? Cook the rice (and black beans, if not using canned) in advance to make this dish really speedy. With that step out of the way, you just need to heat up the remaining ingredients, toss, and serve.

5. Rice Bowl with Grilled Veggies and Miso Gravy

Miso, available at Asian grocers and some health food stores, is so much more than salty soup flavouring. Its umami goodness can elevate salads, side dishes—and of course, rice bowls. Dig into this mouth-watering dish with grilled zucchini and asparagus. Just keep in mind that the recipe contains spelt flour, so it’s not totally gluten free.



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