Meatless Monday: Farro Salad Stuffed Acorn Squash

Meatless Monday: Farro Salad Stuffed Acorn Squash

Savour fall flavours (while they last) with this sweet vegetarian salad served in an edible bowl.

Going meatless (even just on Mondays) doesn’t have to mean going boring. I’m a big fan of mixing up vegetarian soups and salads with edible bowls. From stuffed peppers to lettuce bowls, a plant-based presentation can add pizzazz to many a meal. Plus, fewer dirty dishes! It doesn’t get much better than that.

In the case of this acorn squash bowl, the scalloped edges look like the result of some serious culinary skill … when, really, they’re all Mother Nature’s handiwork. Beyond its beauty, the following dish benefits from the nutty taste and chewy texture of farro. Green-striped sweet dumpling squash can also be used in place of acorn squash.

What edible serving creations have you concocted? The possibilities are endless, so let us know your suggestions via Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below.

Farro Salad Stuffed Acorn Squash

From Matthew Kadey’s “Good Gourd

2 acorn squash, halved lengthwise, seeds removed
1 Tbsp (15 mL) + 2 tsp (10 mL) grapeseed oil or other oil of choice
3/4 cup (180 mL) farro
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 apple, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced 
2 tsp (10 mL) minced fresh ginger
3 oz (85 g) grated or finely chopped Gruyère or fontina cheese 
1/3 cup (80 mL) chopped walnuts
1/4 cup (60 mL) dried cranberries
1 Tbsp (15 mL) chopped fresh sage
1 tsp (5 mL) orange zest
1/2 tsp (2 mL) ground allspice
1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt
1/4 tsp (1 mL) black pepper
1 Tbsp (15 mL) melted unsalted butter
1 Tbsp (15 mL) pure maple syrup

Preheat oven to 425 F (220 C). Rub squash flesh with 1 Tbsp (15 mL) oil and place flesh side down on parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes, or until flesh is easily pierced with fork.

Meanwhile, place farro and 2 cups (500 mL) water in medium-sized saucepan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer until farro is tender, about 25 minutes. Drain any excess water.

Heat remaining oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add onion and cook until softened, about 4 minutes. Add apple, garlic, and ginger, and cook for 2 minutes. Stir in cooked farro, cheese, walnuts, cranberries, sage, orange zest, allspice, salt, and black pepper; cook for 1 minute.

Stir together melted butter and maple syrup and brush over cooked squash flesh. Scoop farro salad into acorn squash bowls.

Serves 4.

Each serving contains: 545 calories; 15 g protein; 23 g total fat (7 g sat. fat, 0 g trans fat); 75 g total carbohydrates (17 g sugars, 11 g fibre); 329 mg sodium

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