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Meatless Monday: How to Cook with Camelina Oil


Coconut oil? So 2014. This year, it’s all about camelina oil, a rising culinary star.

Camelina oil, where have you been all my life? Olive oil and coconut oil may be glory hogs, but camelina oil is a dark horse with real star potential. Its fresh, asparagus-like flavour can add a gourmet touch to, well, basically anything.

Get cooking

With one of the highest smoke points around, camelina oil can be cooked, baked, and fried up to 475 F (245 C). By comparison, coconut oil has a measly smoke point of 350 F (175 C). Camelina oil is also packed with heart-healthy, skin-smoothing omega-3 fatty acids.

Ready to make this wunderkind oil the star of your Meatless Monday? Here are eight alive-approved ways to use it.

In dips: Camelina Caramelized Mushroom Pâté

Okay. So this sand-coloured dip isn’t the prettiest thing you’ll ever make. But the mix of camelina and mushrooms equals earthy deliciousness, especially when served with fresh baguette or tangy pickles.

In baked goods: Camelina Banana Pecan Loaf

Who doesn’t like banana bread? This easy, healthy loaf will give you a little taste of baking with camelina oil. You’ll be an expert in no time.

In salad dressings: Creamy Camelina Dill Dressing

Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard make this simple dressing creamier than your typical vinaigrette. Camelina oil resists congealing, so go ahead and make extra dressing to store in the fridge.

In pizzas: Tex-Mex Pizza

Camelina oil can be used in place of grapeseed oil in this comfort food pizza, which features beans, avocado, corn, and a fiery sauce.

In quiches: Teff Asparagus Quiche

This quiche is totally meal worthy and would be perfect for a get-together with foodie friends.

In “meat” loaves: Mushroom Lentil Loaf

This vegetarian meatloaf uses a tiny amount of camelina oil, but it’s so yummy that it begged to be on the list. You can easily make it vegan by swapping out eggs for a flax-chia mixture.

In soups: Chill Out Tomato Soup

You might want to save this recipe for spring (it’s a cold soup). The creamy tomato goodness is well worth the wait, with fresh garden vegetables complemented by earthy camelina oil.

In rice bowls: Egg Rice Bowl with Basil Oil 

Camelina oil and basil are a delicious tag team in this rice bowl. Rice, beans, and eggs ensure that it’s also a satisfying choice for dinner.



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