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Romancing the Dinner Table

A love-inspired meal


A romantic dinner for two starts with West Coast oysters and ends with chocolate-dipped berries. Try our romantic dinner recipes for a meal infused with love.

There’s a lot of truth to the fact that love takes work. In the case of keeping a loving relationship on the rails, a romantic dinner for two is part and parcel to reaching warm hands across a white tablecloth and gazing into your lover’s adoring eyes.

Over the centuries a lot of love has evolved over a dinner date and through the stomach. Our love-inspired meal for two starts with the infamous oyster. As a food high on the list of known aphrodisiacs, it’s the quintessential hors d’oeuvre.

Despite their reputation of being high in cholesterol, a serving of oysters only contains about 55 mg of cholesterol, which is well below the daily recommended amount of 300 mg. Oysters are also high in zinc, which is essential for a strong immune system.

More important to their reputation, oysters are high in tyrosine, an amino acid important for regulating mood and stress, and for triggering increased levels of sex hormones.

There’s plenty more, so read on and take our love-inspired menu for a test drive. It’s not only good for your love gene but it’s also heart healthy, too!



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Matthew Kadey, MSc, RDMatthew Kadey, MSc, RD