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12 Homeopathic Remedies For Your Home


Homeopathy is a natural therapeutic system that stimulates curative responses so the body heals itself. Every living being, whether human or animal, has an impressive self-healing mechanism.

Homeopathy is a natural therapeutic system that stimulates curative responses so the body heals itself. Every living being, whether human or animal, has an impressive self-healing mechanism. It’s a flexible system that treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. Each person experiences this disorder in her own unique and individual way. While all may experience some similarity in the common symptoms of a specific disease, there often is a great difference in how people feel, think and react at the time of suffering.

When the correct homeopathic remedy is given according to a person’s total symptom complex, the body’s defense mechanism is triggered on all levels, helping her to move through symptoms in the direction of cure. In this way it strengthens the whole constitution to restore health and balance. The key to getting the greatest benefits from homeopathy is to have the right remedy on hand at that crucial time when you need it the most!

In acute situations, homeopathic remedies work best when administered promptly. Because homeopathy covers such a wide range of symptoms on various levels and because an acute injury or illness can often be urgent and distressing, it makes sense to have a well-stocked homeopathic remedy kit in your medicine chest. Certified homeopaths choose from hundreds of remedies to bring a patient back to a healthy balance. We’ve provided a list of 12 of the most regularly used remedies for common injuries and illnesses. Keep them handy!
For each remedy, dissolve three pellets under the tongue every 15 minutes for four doses, then reduce frequency to every one to two hours until improved.

Arnica is the first remedy to use for any type of accident or injury. It helps to soothe the mental and physical shock of the trauma and to heal capillaries and dissipate bruising.

Apis should be given after an insect sting when redness, heat and swelling develop rapidly with itching and/or burning pain that may feel better after cool applications. This remedy may also be useful if extreme sensitivity to the sting causes an allergic systemic reaction.

Calendula is invaluable when there is an open cut or wound. It’s especially effective as an ointment, spray or a liquid for cleaning cuts and to speed up the healing process.

Aconite is useful if there is much fear and restlessness after an injury, especially at the sight of blood. This remedy may be given first and then followed by Arnica to ease the shock of the trauma. It is also helpful at the first sign of a cold or fever after exposure to cold winds.

Hypericum helps when an injury involves nerve damage such as crushed fingertips, neck or back injuries or for large, gaping wounds with damaged nerve endings. There may be shooting pains along the path of the nerves. It’s available in ointment or spray form for easy application.

Belladonna is useful where an illness comes on suddenly and produces fever. The face may be very red and hot with possible throbbing headaches and sensitivity to light.

Bryonia is useful influenza symptoms when any type of motion causes discomfort. For example, coughing causes chest pain; there is a general dryness of mucus membranes with a great thirst for cold fluids; frontal headaches and extreme irritability with a desire to be left alone and to keep still.

Rhus tox helps when there are injuries to the joint accompanied by pain and swelling. It is useful for twisted joints and pulled muscles that are aggravated during wet/cold conditions and on first moving the joint, but the pain improves with continued movement. The person is often restless mentally and physically.

Ruta is most useful for damage to cartilage of bones and tendons and for injuries where bones are close to the surface (wrists and ankles). It follows Arnica and Rhus tox well where there are bruised, aching bones and where tendons have been overstretched.

Nux vomica brings some balance back to the system after overindulgence in food, drugs or alcohol. This person is often irritable and impatient, with compulsive tendencies.

Mag phos alleviates cramping-type pains (menstrual cramps) that are often improved with heat and pressure.

Arsenicum is indicated during vomiting and diarrhea caused by digestive disorders like food poisoning. There is a great thirst for small sips and extreme restlessness.

When you learn how to use all of these remedies correctly, your homeopathic home kit will become your best friend on family outings and during acute illness. The more you use them the more familiar you will become with the vast array of symptoms each remedy covers. Indications for these remedies are only briefly outlined above. You will find more detailed coverage in several self-help homeopathic books found in health food stores.



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