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A Change Will Do You Good

4 tips for a healthier you


Change your diet by following our four easy eating tips that don’t require willpower to succeed.

A large component of peak mental health depends on the enjoyment of food—joy and eating are intertwined. Yet nutritional wisdom tells us the best foods for your body are plant-based, nutrient-dense, whole, and unrefined (not the modern definition of fun!).

If you have to force yourself to eat these foods—just because you know they’re good for you—is eating them really doing you good?

It’s unhealthy to strong-arm yourself into doing anything. Eventually the battle will break you down. That’s why so many of us fail to make lasting change with our New Year’s resolutions.

A gradual transition

The answer is to gradually transition to the diet that’s ideal for your body. By making the transition a gentle, long-term process—rather than an abrupt, drastic one—your appreciation of a healthier diet will develop harmoniously.

Deprive yourself and it’s only a matter of time before the willpower to stick to your plan runs dry. Change your diet gradually and your digestive system will adapt, your liver will cleanse, and your taste will change so you actually crave foods that are ideal for your body.

Make these changes at the pace that suits you—whether each step takes weeks or months is up to you. Move on as you feel ready, and soon you’ll forget about the not-so-healthy foods that came before.

4 easy tips for success

To ensure your new way of eating becomes a lifestyle that won’t require willpower to maintain, I suggest incorporating the following four tips, one at a time.

  1. Focus on adding new whole foods to your diet—not removing less-than-ideal ones—when starting out. Hemp, buckwheat, and Salvia hispanica L. (a variety of the chia seed) are excellent sources of fibre, protein, and omega-3s that will let you feel full, thus helping you lose weight while building muscle, promoting healthy cholesterol levels, and improving digestion.
  2. Set the tone for your day by having a nutrient-rich smoothie in the morning. Blend fruit with whole food ingredients including hemp, chlorella, and maca. Chlorophyll from hemp and chlorella is highly alkalizing, helping the body to heal faster and preventing disease, while maca helps balance hormones naturally.
  3. Reach for fresh fruit and raw energy bars in place of the usual snacking fare. Eating small portions of nutrient-dense whole food throughout the day keeps energy levels consistent while helping to fend off cravings for the salty or sweet empty foods that derail the average dieter.
  4. Have a large salad each day that’s packed with greens and sprouts. Greens provide quality carbohydrates, fibre, and chlorophyll, while sprouted, raw foods are rich in health-giving enzymes and phytonutrients your body will love.


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No Proof

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Matthew Kadey, MSc, RDMatthew Kadey, MSc, RD