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A Mother and Son's Recovery from Attention Deficit Syndrome


Sean was what I called a normal, loving and loveable child until he went to school.

His biggest difficulty was getting along with others. I thought this was a normal thing until his Grade 1 teacher called me and told me the horrific things he was saying and doing at school. From grades 1 to 3 he was in a regular class, but was constantly being asked to leave, as he was aggressive and a threat to other kids. He would throw things, swear at teachers and be very disruptive. He also had a problem completing assignments, either due to frustration or lack of concentration. I also had frustration during these years, dealing with teachers and school administration calling him a monster and continually pressing me to put him on Ritalin.

He was able to get teacher aid time, but even with this he was not wanted in the regular curriculum. He eventually went into a special program for children with behavioral problems. In the special program, Sean was in the timeout room a lot. (This is where the children went when they were out of control emotionally and physically.)

Then something changed. He started taking AD-FX from Herb Tech (available in health food stores.) I could see the difference in a month. He was much happier, more relaxed, and less aggressive. In two months I saw a big difference. He was happy and relaxed, and not disruptive and destructive most of the time. It was like a dream come true.

People who had not seen Sean for a while and then saw him commented on what a difference they saw in his personality and behavior. He was a different kid–so much easier to be around and very fun to be with.

The Real Child

He went from being moody, aggressive and defiant, to humorous, compassionate and loving with a wonderful sense of curiosity. He still has some difficult times, but nothing like before. I knew that this was the real child, the one underneath all the problems. His health improved and his attitude and well-being improved.

After taking AD-FX for several months I could see a maturity in Sean that he had not had before. Others, including Sean's teacher, commented on Sean's new maturity. After all the years of struggling, what a pleasure this was to see.

During the time that Sean struggled, I tried so hard to keep my sanity, and to keep loving him no matter what. As a parent, you always want the best for your child. I tried so many different herbal products, vitamins, aromatherapy, iridology, craniosacral massage, counseling (several different ones, such as a play therapist), anger management classes and classes to learn how to become a more patient parent. I can't even remember everything I tried over the years.

Here is a list of things that no longer exist in our lives because Sean has been taking AD-FX: (This is really an amazing list and opens my eyes as to how grateful I am that Sean is on this product.)

  • Sean constantly being asked to leave the classroom (threat to other kids).
  • Sean having low concentration level.
  • High frustration level for Sean in everything he did.
  • Difficult for us to have a relationship–Sean always acting out and me under tremendous stress.
    Difficulty in finding and keeping a daycare/dayhome–always trying to find some place good for him, with understanding people.
  • He couldn't make friends, or if he did, they didn't want to stay his friend.
  • Fought with his sister (still does this, but not to the severity it once was).
    Constantly taking him for appointments–always trying different things (so many things!).
  • Teachers always wanted Sean out of their class and school.
  • Teachers and principals actually yelling at me because of Sean (very unprofessional on their part).
  • Me being frustrated. (I was very fortunate to have an understanding boss. One whom did not have a problem with me continually leaving work when my son got suspended from school.)

Who Sean is Today

The progress is remarkable. Today Sean has a love and compassion for others, especially those less fortunate than him. He sometimes struggles with injustice and gets annoyed when people don't treat each other fairly (sometimes according to his view of the situation). He is no longer violent or threatening, he has better health and a much much better outlook on life–I truly love his little giggle. Everyone I meet cannot believe that I ever had a problem with him at all.

Sean is still in the special program at school, but is currently being fully integrated into a regular classroom and we are all planning for him to go straight into a regular classroom next year (with allowance for aid time, if required) for grade 6. The teacher of the special program has said that Sean is university material and has just got to conquer a few more hurdles and then he will be well on his way.

Sean is a very smart child and is working hard in school and doing very well. He is also enjoying himself very much in school, whereas he used to hate it.

My family life is going so much more smoothly and we have so much more joy because of this. I recommend AD-FX to other parents.

I am a single parent and have been for the past nine years. I can relate to any of you who are also single parents and to how hectic caring for your family on your own can be. Having a child with such special needs (and also talents/gifts!) can sometimes feel very overwhelming. But you can get through it!

What is AD-FX?

AD-FX is a blend of biologically standardized, unique extracts of North American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) and Ginkgo biloba. It contains concentrated ginsenosides Rbl and Rgl and flavanoids clinically proven to enhance memory, focus and concentration–the factors responsible in enhancing behavior.

AD-FX works by increasing choline uptake in the brain, resulting in the increase of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter essential for normal learning and memory function and protects brain cells due to its monoamine oxidase B inhibition effect. AD-FX is a scientifically developed extract using ChemBioPrint technology, which precisely identifies its chemical profile and biological activity. This ensures consistent batch-to-batch activity and minimizes any potential side effects. AD-FX may be helpful in normalizing neurotransmitter systems in the brain, improve focus and enhance concentration.



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