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Acne isn't just an affliction of the young. Check out our natural acne remedies and treatments for all ages.

If you thought you could kiss your acne goodbye when you hung up your high school backpack, you might have been mistaken. Though acne is usually associated with teens, it also affects a significant number of people during their adult years.

Acne can be caused by a combination of several factors, including heredity, hormones, stress, and nutrition. In addition, acne can be made worse by the use of oil-based makeup, suntan oil, hair gels and sprays, and oils from machinery or cooking.

Though there is a wide variety of over-the-counter acne treatment products available, these often leave the skin dry and irritated—and still prone to breakouts. Because many over-the-counter acne remedies can be too harsh, a natural approach with gentle yet effective natural skin care solutions may be a better alternative.

Natural acne care

Your natural health store has many options from which to choose. Look for formulas rich in gentle yet effective natural ingredients that have been shown to be effective on blemish-prone skin.

Tea tree oil
Known for its antimicrobial effectiveness, research has shown tea tree oil was as effective as benzoyl peroxide (a common over-the-counter acne treatment) in relieving the inflamed lesions in patients’ acne, but with significantly fewer side effects.

Willow bark
White willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and the foundation for such pharmaceuticals as Aspirin. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a key ingredient in many skin care products for the treatment of acne.

Said to be effective in drying oily skin (without the side effects of benzoyl peroxide) rosewood oil is an excellent ingredient for acne control.

Many studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of lavender oil in a
variety of conditions, including insomnia, hair loss, anxiety, stress, and postoperative pain, while herbalists treat skin ailments, such as fungal infections, wounds, eczema, and acne with
lavender oil.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks discovered the medicinal use of camomile thousands of years ago. Known for its antimicrobial action, camomile is still used for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Keep it clean

Because blemishes and breakouts can be the result of excessive bacterial activity, be sure to cleanse skin twice a day, preferably with lukewarm water and a gentle antibacterial cleanser.

Use a product formulated to balance yet hydrate the skin.

Spot treatment
Use a spot blemish treatment rich in antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to help effectively resolve any blemishes that occur.

Prevent buildup of old skin cells by exfoliating regularly.

Lifestyle changes

Reduce stress
Since hormonal activity, nutrition, and internal health can also contribute to the formation of blemishes, healthy lifestyle adjustments may help. To help prevent hormonal fluctuations and ease stress, exercise regularly, meditate, do yoga, and get a good night’s sleep.

Eat well
Because nutrition is integral to healthy skin, nourish the body and the skin by eating a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and always remember to drink plenty of filtered water to keep skin hydrated.



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