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We all have unique goals that are important to us. Through self-discipline and perseverance, we can often achieve these goals on our own. Sometimes, however, going it alone can be difficult.

We all have unique goals that are important to us. Through self-discipline and perseverance, we can often achieve these goals on our own.

Sometimes, however, going it alone can be difficult. Although humans were not made to function in isolation, we often find it difficult to ask for support when we need it. We procrastinate, ultimately allowing the goal to fade away, unfulfilled.

The solution is personal health coaching-a practical, results-focused method that supports us in achieving our goals.

The Alive Health Coaching program operates within a wholistic context, understanding emotional, nutritional and physical health as interrelated, equally important components of overall health. Our coaches believe you deserve to fulfill your own unique potential in life and are committed to helping you to do it.

Although coaching can be used to achieve almost any health-related goal, Alive's program has identified 11 key areas in which coaching can make a significant difference in people's lives.

Escape the vicious cycle

One of those areas is conquering obesity. With more than 80 million North Americans classified as obese or overweight, obesity has become one of the most pressing health issues of our time.

Unhealthy weight can lead to serious physical ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. But its underlying cause is often an emotional one.

Many overweight people suffer from a poor body image, which triggers feelings of low self-esteem and depression. By turning to food for comfort, they become trapped in a vicious cycle.

Health coaching can help you to escape that vicious cycle once and for all. Working closely with you, your coach will help you to recognize your intrinsic worth as an individual. Then, through the coaching process, he/she will help you to decide what you really want, what's holding you back, and what steps you must take to get there. Finally, he/she will provide you with specific support in taking those steps, including improved nutrition and increased physical fitness.

Other coaching topics

The 10 other coaching topics (which we'll cover in greater detail in upcoming columns) are:

Successful Vegetarianism: Becoming a vegetarian means a whole new way of life governed by smart nutritional choices. Make the transition to vegetarianism a healthy and successful one through health coaching.

Increasing Emotional Health: Contrary to what many people think, emotional health doesn't simply mean feeling happy more often than sad. Emotional health takes work. Your health coach will be there to give you guidance.

Healthy Shopping and Cooking: The lasting rewards of healthy eating far outweigh the short-term convenience of today's processed foods. Find healthy alternatives to a processed-food diet with your health coach.

Natural Health Strategies for Diabetes/Arthritis: Are you surviving with a chronic condition such as diabetes or arthritis? Learn to start thriving through proven natural-health strategies imparted by your health coach.

Dealing with Physical/Emotional Pain: Our experience of pain lies largely in our perception of it. Your health coach will be there to listen, empathize and offer another perspective for dealing with the pain you're experiencing.

Successful Health Strategies for Seniors: Ensure your golden years glow with the lustre of good health. Call upon the wisdom and knowledge of a health coach as you strive to be your best emotionally, nutritionally and physically.

Effective Stress Management Principles: Stress has become the number-one cause of illness in today's society. If you find yourself under constant stress, do your mind, body and spirit a favour: learn to effectively manage it through health coaching.

Overcoming Depression: Feeling depressed is an important part of the human condition. So is learning to overcome it. Start seeing things in a different light with the help of your health coach.

Successful Marriage/Relationship Strategies: Relationships are all about relating. Your health coach can serve as an invaluable sounding board and advisor on how to relate to the most important people in your life.

Effective Parenting (Children and Adolescents): Being a parent can be the toughest-and most rewarding-job in the world. Tap into the expertise of your health coach to make sure you're doing it right for yourself and your child.

Whatever the goal you aim to achieve, your decision to step forward and engage in a coaching relationship will be exciting, challenging, and most of all, a powerful asset to your health.



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