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Another Reason to Go on Vacation this Winter? Sunlight May Prevent Allergies and Eczema


A new Australian study has linked low levels of sunshine to higher rates of food allergies and eczema in children.

Even though the last thing most of us need right now is another reason to hate the dreary days of winter, a new study has just linked low levels of sunlight to food allergies and eczema.

The Australian study, soon to be published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, found that children living in areas with high amounts of sunshine were less likely to have food allergies (especially peanut and egg) or eczema, compared to those living in areas with little sunshine.

The researchers explain that there is still much research to do to figure out why this is the case. Several hypotheses include vitamin D levels, temperature, and rates of infectious disease. Additionally, the researchers did not comment on the potential use of light therapy. One major concern the study’s researchers want to point out is that too much sunlight, can, of course, increase the risk of skin cancer, so proper sun safety should always be followed.

The winter blues
Lack of sunlight can also affect mood. To combat the winter blues, try strategies such as bright light therapy, vitamin D supplementation, self-care (such as massage therapy), and regular exercise.  



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Nurturing Self-Awareness

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