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Are Toxins Making you Fat?


Don't laugh. This is not just another lame excuse for your widening girth

Don't laugh. This is not just another lame excuse for your widening girth.

Researchers are scientifically evaluating the hidden fat-triggering effects of hormone-disrupting toxins. An article published in the Journal of Lipid Research (2002) reported that a toxic chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), when combined with insulin, affects the formation of adipocytes (fat cells).

The Japanese researchers found BPA disrupts normal weight regulation and triggers the conversion of cells to adipocytes while also increasing fat stores.

Human exposure to BPA is widespread. It's used in dental procedures, food storage, and in polycarbonate plastic. BPA found in some plastic baby bottles leaches the toxin into milk fed to infants when the bottles are microwaved.

The researchers determined BPA also promotes continuous fat production. Combined with insulin, which is stimulated by eating refined carbohydrates, BPA caused a 1,300-percent fat increase.

In simple terms: Yes, toxins can contribute significantly to your tendency to get fat, especially in combination with unhealthy eating and inadequate exercise.



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Nurturing Self-Awareness

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