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Battling Rosacea?

Take a natural approach


Need relief for the redness and swelling caused by rosacea? Pycnogenol, arnica, and calendula provide natural skin care options for treating this common skin condition.

Rosacea is a very common condition that is usually characterized by redness and inflammation on the face and around the nose, cheeks, and forehead. This is the result of facial blood vessels or capillaries that swell, therefore increasing blood flow near the skin causing redness and irritation.

Identify triggers

While our first instinct may be to treat this condition orally or topically, we should begin by considering what is causing it. Several environmental and lifestyle factors have been reported to trigger rosacea flare-ups and should be identified in order to truly help resolve the condition.

In order to identify your trigger, you must pay attention to your environment and lifestyle choices, and ask yourself some questions.

What are your surroundings? Are you being exposed to direct sunlight, harsh winds, or cold temperatures (all common rosacea triggers)?

What are you putting in your body? Are you taking any new medications? Did you just consume an alcoholic beverage or spicy food? These may all initiate a flare-up.

Even stress and exercise have been linked to rosacea flare-ups. Once we identify our trigger, we can find ways to adjust or avoid it to limit flare-ups.

Modify your skin care routine

Next, it’s important that we examine our skin care routines. A skin care routine that incorporates gentle, fragrance-free natural products without the use of harsh chemicals is essential.

Look for a nourishing cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and avoid irritating exfoliants or scrubs. The products we use should be specially formulated for sensitive, red, or easily irritated skin. Consider choosing skin care products that contain scientifically proven effective natural ingredients that specifically benefit symptoms of rosacea.

Helpful ingredients

A gentle yet effective antioxidant that has been shown to soothe and support skin health is Pycnogenol. Harvested from the bark of the French maritime pine, Pycnogenol is a well-researched, patented antioxidant that has been shown in an animal study to help protect against skin inflammation and soothe already irritated skin.

Other ingredients in skin care products that may be helpful include calendula and arnica, which help fight inflammation and soothe skin. 

While rosacea can be extremely frustrating, determining the trigger can help you find ways or implement techniques to avoid or minimize it. Additionally, it is extremely beneficial to use gentle yet effective skin care products that use natural ingredients to soothe and protect skin and to help prevent future damage. 



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