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Believing in Genuine Health


"We're interested in treating the causes of poor health, not covering up the symptoms,"

"I think we're really here to have fun," says Stewart Brown, president of ehn Inc., the makers of greens+ products. Brown means "fun" in terms of living in the moment and of his company's business practice philosophy."

Brown's enthusiasm for promoting-and living-a life of balance is the driving force behind ehn Inc.'s success. By creating greens products that supplement a healthy diet and exercise, Brown hopes to provide a service along with a product. "We're trying to make it simpler and easier for people to achieve balance."

Seeking success
Innovation, hard work, and an effective connection with a loyal customer base all play a part in a company's success. But perhaps most important of all, success requires a clear vision. In 1997, Brown envisioned a company that truly supports the journey to health and happiness after an inspirational meeting with Sam Graci, renowned researcher, lecturer, and formulator of the original greens+ product.
Founded in 1998, ehn Inc. has consistently won top awards for its various products. The company strives to produce products that excel in three areas: formulation, manufacturing, and ingredients. This means incorporation of solid scientific research, adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and selection of the finest quality ingredients.

Science matters
ehn Inc. recently started doing its own research. "Effects of greens+-a randomized, controlled trial" appeared in the Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research (Summer, 2004) and a study on the antioxidant capabilities of greens+ will be released from the University of Toronto later this year. "We're interested in treating the causes of poor health, not covering up the symptoms," says Brown.

Sharing and caring
ehn Inc. has achieved recognition through its Greens+ products. "Usually a company builds their brand first. We've achieved success through the strength of our product and our research that reflects our philosophy. We want to talk about genuine health," says Brown.
Sharing information is a huge part of what ehn Inc. does, through consumer education programs, including product brochures, an in-depth website, frequent nationwide lectures at Consumer and Trade shows, and media spotlights showcasing products and philosophy.
ehn Inc. is also committed to giving back to the community, with over five percent of its resources reinvested towards charitable activities such as food programs for children and seniors. "It's something we need to do," says Brown. "It helps to give energy and drive to the betterment of life."
In addition to being a leading nutritional supplement provider, ehn Inc. offers products consistently recommended by natural food retailers and the supplement industry throughout Canada and the US. By living what they preach and providing quality product, ehn Inc. will undoubtedly continue to find the success it deserves.



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