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Blocked Arteries-The Nutritional Solution


Blocked Arteries-The Nutritional Solution


The shocking news that you have blockages in your arteries and may require surgery is enough to cause even the strongest of us to catch our breath. We are suddenly faced with the truth about our own vulnerability- We must make a decision to act quickly. Our time line for decision making, not just for today, but for the rest of our lives, depends on the severity and location of the blockages.

We can only succeed if we take the lime to study the avenues available to us. Without a doubt, your doctor has already discussed angioplasty and even by-pass surgery with you. However, these types of invasive solutions are temporary at best. The most effective, and in the long run the most natural solution, is to support our body's own systems to heal itself.

Free Radicals and Arterial Plaque

To make the right choice in dealing with blockages, we must first understand what a blockage is and how it is caused.

Blockages are tiny "patches" on the walls of our arteries. Many health professionals believe that they are caused by free radical damage. Free radicals are formed as a direct result of poor diet and environmental pollution. Other contributing factors in free radical formation include: saturated and hydrogenated fats, hypertension, smoking, carbon monoxide, vitamin deficiencies (particularly vitamins C and E) and mineral deficiencies such as chromium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

Over time these free radicals cause the inner wall of the artery to harden. As a result tiny microinjuries, such as nicks and cracks, develop. Whenever this occurs, our defense mechanisms kick into gear and rush in to repair the damage–this is done by applying a "band aid" or patch over the damaged area. To ensure the blood flow isn't impeded by this patch, a coating of cholesterol is put over the patch. Cholesterol, being very slippery in nature, allows the blood to flow with a minimum of problems. These patches can grow in size and number, eventually blocking the artery completely.

Since the blockages develop as a result of many years of exposure to a combination of environmental toxins and a lack of nutrients that are essential for the healthy functioning of our cardiovascular system, it makes good common sense to take steps to correct these problem areas. The best prevention is reduce exposure to those factors that contribute to free radical formation.

Encourage vascular healing by introducing a certain class of nutrients called antioxidants. Antioxidants are used by the body to help neutralize free radicals and prevent damage. Supplementing our diets with antioxidants supplies our body with the nutritional ammunition it needs to wage war against the existing problems in our arteries. This repair and rejuvenation will not be accomplished overnight.

Just as the end of a journey begins with the first step, the road to good arterial health begins with good nutrition.

Target the Problem

Blockages are a specific problem, therefore the supplementation of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements has to match our bodies' specific requirements. This is accomplished by utilizing nutrients in a carefully balanced combination, commonly referred to as a nutritional formula. The proper nutrients can help the body gradually dissolve and remove arterial blockages while feeding the arteries and surrounding tissues.

Key ingredients for such a formula to be effective include:

  • Vitamin A to stimulate the thymus, produce T-cells and antibodies and promote healing of tissues.
  • Vitamin B1, to remove lead from tissue and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Niacin to support vasodilation.
  • Pantothenic acid to nourish the adrenals and boost stress resistance.
  • Vitamin B6 to reduce toxic damage to arterial walls.
  • Choline to emulsify excess fats while assisting normal liver function.
  • Inositol to assist choline with fat control while soothing stressed tissues.
  • Vitamin C to act as an antioxidant and chelalor, supporting the elimination of heavy metals.
  • Vitamin E for its potent antioxidant effect against free radicals. It is also helpful in normalizing blood viscosity and dissolving blood clots.
  • Calcium for normal heart muscle activity.
  • Magnesium to help regulate heartbeat and to support calcium utilization.
  • Potassium to regulate blood pressure and normalize heartbeat.
  • Chromium to increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels.
  • Iodine to help the thyroid function normally.

There are a number of other supporting roles that must be filled to facilitate the effectiveness of a nutritional formula so that it not only removes blockages from the arterial walls, but also repairs the damage. Some of these support workers include vitamin D, folic acid, manganese, selenium, betaine hydrochloride, L-cysteine hydrochloride. thymus and spleen concentrates as well as trace elements.

The human body is a magnificent piece of machinery and will, if given the proper balance of nutrients, correct most health problems and expel most invaders. The secret is to use discretion in choosing the correct formula or combination of nutrients in sufficient quantities that will address the task at hand, namely, the clearing of blockages and the rejuvenation of tissues.



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