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Eat Well, Age Better is a rational, well-presented guidebook that can turn the average aging reader into a “conscientious ager.” For me the transition occurred while reading about “the crisis in nutrition.” This comprises the book’s first three chapters and provides a historical perspective on the role of nutrients in our health.

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By John Gray, PhD Mind Publishing, 2010, 253 pages, $29.95 ISBN: 978-0-9782797-3-8 John Gray wrote Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (HarperCollins) back in 1992. The book eventually became what USA Today has called “one of the top 10 most influential books of the last 25 years.” Now Gray is back with Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice. In his latest book Gray looks at the hormonal disparity between men and women in an effort to explain some of the differences between the sexes—and how we can better understand them, change them, and ultimately find lasting wellness and personal happiness with them. Explaining how the mind and body are inseparably linked, Gray shows us how our minds and our moods are affected by hormones. Balancing these hormones is his solution to helping us achieve successful relationships and joyful living. As in previous writings, Gray identifies the difference between the sexes—in this case women need the hormone oxytocin, while men need testosterone. With a ready supply of the appropriate hormones, the sexes can manage stress better and thus enjoy happier lives. In Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice we’re introduced to a multitude of tips based upon managing hormone levels and dealing with stress. Gray explains the role good nutrition plays in replenishing our hormonal balance, how appropriate blood sugar levels affect the production of hormones, and why stress hormones complicate our lives and our relationships. He even touches on the realities of menopause and andropause while explaining how to manage both for a better relationship. A step-by-step guide in chapter 10 details an easy routine to properly fuel our bodies and ensure the appropriate supply of necessary hormones. With a focus on superfoods, Gray helps us cleanse, refuel, and boost either our oxytocin (for women) or our testosterone (for men). Other practical advice from Gray includes 100 activities that will produce the all-important hormone oxytocin for women, and a list of herbal supplements to increase sexual desire and enhance sexual performance for both men and women. As Gray says, “It can be hard to live in today’s world. And although life is getting harder, I’m happy to introduce simple and practical ways to enhance your relationships.” An easy read, this book may help open our eyes to the many simple changes we can make in our lives—and the powerful impact those simple changes can have.

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Innovation for Good: Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and Mosh

Innovation for Good: Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and Mosh

Neil ZevnikNeil Zevnik