Boosting Male Libido Naturally

Boosting Male Libido Naturally

by Zoltan Rona MD
64 pages, softcover, $9.95

A satisfying sex life is sadly out of reach for many men and the women who love them. Impotence is not necessarily the problem. These couples don’t need or want Viagra and its lethal side effects. What they do need they will find here in a wide range of natural approaches to achieving a healthy sex drive. I applaud alive books for its timely publication of this guide, the newest in a highly acclaimed series of Natural Health Guides.

Male libido may not be a common topic of conversation, but it concerns many people. Dr Zoltan Rona does an exceptional job of describing how to turn the tables on lowered libido. The clear scientific explanations in his book are fascinating! He tells which foods are highest in arginine, the amino acid directly converted into nitric oxide, which is the primary ingredient at the heart of Viagra’s success and responsible for engorging sex organs during arousal.

Another amino acid, L-arginine, is an inexpensive and safe daily supplement that naturally produces nitric oxide. Its results are similar to Viagra. The L-arginine doses that Rona advises in his book will enhance male sex drive when taken one hour prior to a sexual encounter. He also offers alternate dosages for less immediate results.

Many of Dr Rona’s suggestions for enhancing male libido are equally beneficial to women. For example L-arginine has a secondary hormonal function to stimulate the release of growth hormones. This release helps increase muscle mass while decreasing the amount of body fat. How’s that for a side effect? Women will also appreciate the fact that nitric oxide improves vaginal circulation and stimulates genital nerves, which are aroused during sex.

Edrissi translates Dr Rona’s vitamin and mineral libido enhancers into simple gourmet fare. In Boosting Male Libido Naturally the fish recipes are integral, due to the high zinc content of ocean fish. Zinc is vital for hormonal activity, particularly where sperm production, muscle endurance and testosterone levels are concerned.

The book covers much more than this review allows for. There are herbal libido enhancers, a discussion of the Viagra controversy, lifestyle recommendations and more. The information is current, sound and fascinating.

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