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Breast Cancer Research Breakthrough


Breast Cancer Research Breakthrough

In a landmark global study, researchers have reclassified breast cancer into 10 new categories. Their work is paving the way for improved treatment based on a woman’s genes.

A landmark global study carried out by researchers at the BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia as well as universities in Manitoba, Britain, and Norway may revolutionize breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Breast cancer reclassified
Using the genetic fingerprint of a tumour, researchers have reclassified breast cancer into 10 new categories. Doctors may be able to use this genetic information to determine whether a tumour will respond to a certain treatment, whether it’s likely to spread, or if cancer is likely to return after treatment.

Promising new findings
Published in the journal Nature, it’s the largest global study of breast cancer tissue ever conducted over decades of research. Two thousand tumour samples were genetically mapped, allowing researchers to

  • discover several new breast cancer genes, aiding researchers in the development of new drugs to treat cancer
  • genetically group 10 subtypes of breast cancer which correlate with patients’ survival, again allowing drugs to be tailored to specific cancers

These discoveries will influence further research into new cancer treatments that hold hope for women in the fight against breast cancer.

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Daffodil Day
Remember, April is the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month. Plan to do something special for someone who is living with cancer on April 27th – Daffodil Day.



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