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Bright Beet and Apple Surprise Juice


2 apples
1/2 beet
1/2 lemon

Cut the apples and beet into pieces and juice together with the lemon (and rind). Serve in fancy glass, run lemon around rim of glass, and garnish with a lemon wedge. Crisp, firm apples, like Galas or Fujis, work best for this recipe.

This sparkling red juice treat has many cancer-reducing benefits. Apples, in addition to having the malic and tartaric acids which inhibit growth of ferments and disease-producing bacteria, also moisten the dryness and cool the heat within the lungs, effectively protecting the lungs from cigarette smoke. Pectin removes the residues of radiation. Beet juice is one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles in the blood, while also helping to cleanse the liver.

Lemon juice will stimulate the liver to produce enzymes. The lemon's antimicrobial and mucus-resolving action make it beneficial in the formation of bile, the absorption of minerals, cleansing of the blood, and elimination of parasite infestation. Two servings.

Source: Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by Siegfried Gursche and Zoltan Rona



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