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Celebrate World Laughter Day


Sunday, May 6, is World Laughter Day. Share in the laughter with thousands of like-minded people around the globe.

Sunday, May 6, is World Laughter Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday of May, it’s an opportunity to exercise your abdominal muscles, elevate your mood, and let the jovial sound of laughter drown out the negativity—even if just for a day.

Created by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1988, who also founded the laughter yoga movement, he envisioned it as a positive manifestation for world peace. His intention was to build a “global consciousness of brotherhood, [sisterhood] and friendship through laughter.”

The first World Laughter Day took place in Mumbai, India, where 10,000 members of local and international laughter clubs got together for a good belly laugh.

Hearing the sound of laughter is similar to watching someone yawn. It’s almost impossible not to join in. Laughter is infectious. It releases feel-good hormones that elevate mood and relieve stress.

World Laughter Day celebrations are being held around the globe. Check online for celebrations in your area, or simply make a conscious effort to lighten up and share a laugh, whether on your own, with someone you love, or even with a stranger. Laughter really is the best medicine!

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