Childhood Cancer Epidemic

Cancer is the first epidemic in history in which medical authorities don’t know the cause and therefore can do nothing to stop it. Our children are not being spared by this worldwide epidemic. Indeed, in some rural areas, cancer rates for children appear to be increasing faster than those of adults.

Have you noticed that almost all early warning signs for cancer include references to injury and infection, such as unexplained bleeding, the “appearance” of infection, pain, abnormal growths and injuries that do not heal? Consider all the cancer-related factors (so-called carcinogens and mutagens) such as stress, shock, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, pollutants, parasites, injuries and chemical toxins. Do these “predispose” us to defective genes or actually cause infection, membrane-wall weakness, tapped blood clots and loss of healing?

There is no proof that defective genes cause cancer. However, Dr Fibiger received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1926 for proving that parasitic larvae cause cancer. We now recognize that cancer starts with an injury to a mass of infected cells. Toxins and pollutants contribute to cancer by allowing infections to occur. Environmental pollutants such as residual DDT, lawn and garden sprays, household insect sprays and crop sprays can explain the rising incidence of infant cancer in rural areas.

Chemical toxins disturb the cellular environment, which allows infectious parasitic lifeforms such as virus, bacteria, fungi and parasite larvae to invade normal cells. Parasites provide the uncontrolled production of growth factors that cause warts, polyps, cysts, ulcers, lumps and other pre-cancerous lesions. Parasites also burrow into and weaken membrane barriers. A break in the integrity of infected internal membranes initiates the autonomic repair-of-injury mechanism to repair the injury just as it does for repair of a cut finger.

Here’s why the early warning signs of cancer include unexplained bleeding, pain, infection and lack of healing. The break in the membrane initiates the repair-of-injury process leading to rapid doubling of infected cells and the microbes inside them. Microbial growth factors continue to cause cell-wall mutation and loss of healing. The autonomic repair-of-injury process becomes locked in high gear duplicating the pathogens and infected cells that fail to heal the intended injury. That’s cancer!

Eliminate the Causes

Can parents do anything to protect their children from cancer? Yes. They must eliminate the causes. It helps to understand the cancer process if we look upon the causes of cancer as having three components, much like the three legs of a stool. They are all equally important.

Eliminate the parasites that infect cells and provide the primitive growth factors that cause human cells to mutate during mitosis. Recognize that DNA cannot divide and multiply without DNA polymerase. Eliminate this vital growth factor and growth stops. Do a herbal parasite cleanse to kill the parasites. Avoid ingesting the residual growth factors in meat and dairy products caused by man-made growth stimulants and rapidly growing parasites in animals prior to slaughter.

Avoid accidental or medical intervention that breaks the membrane of a pre-cancerous lesion, such as the incision for exploratory surgery or the needles for a biopsy.

Avoid chemotherapy designed to kill all rapidly growing cells because the autonomic repair-of-injury process stays locked on until the injury is healed. Support the immune system to heal injuries with healthy normal cells. You have time if the essential growth factors have been eliminated and growth stopped.

Return the cellular environment to healthy conditions through nutrition. Support the immune system to cleanse the cellular environment of toxins and pollutants that stop the oxidative process. Cleanse the colon, kidneys and liver to help eliminate toxins. Remove all mercury amalgam fillings. Chelate toxic metals with chelators that bind to toxic metals and help eliminate them from the body. Increase oxygen levels to oxidize toxic chemicals. Drinking freshly ozonated water before the ozone breaks down is probably the most effective way to increase oxygen levels in the body.

Recognize that throughout history medical societies have maintained a position of power and wealth by healing, not preventing. There is no indication that modern medicine has dropped this valuable business practice. Indeed, with a business monopoly in health care paid for by public taxation, and control of human perceptions through the mass media, we are all easily misled.

Recognize that the cause-of-cancer misinformation and the dependence on drug therapy on television and other mass media is now on the Internet. Free information costs you far more than you think. They say our mind is like a parachute; it only functions when open. Keep an open mind. Whatever the source of your information, take the time to read between the lines. Don’t be afraid to ask: “Why should I believe you?”

Recognize that you must take control of your own health and that of your family. No one is going to do it for you.

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