Clear Your Skin-With Tea

We know that green tea provides all kinds of health benefits; now there’s even more good news about oolong, green tea’s partially -fermented cousin, oolong. Researchers at Shiga University of Medical Sciences in Otsu, Japan, studied 118 patients with recalcitrant atopic dermatitis (AD),. AD is a chronic skin disorder with an immunologic basis. Normal treatment involves antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and avoidance of allergens.

Patients in the Otsu study drank three cups of oolong tea per each day, and also maintained their regular skin treatment. After one month, 74 of the patients showed marked to moderate improvement in skin condition. After six months of drinking the tea, 54 percent still showed some improvement. Researchers say the benefits are likely the result of anti-allergenic polyphenols in the tea.

Sources: Archives of Dermatology, 2001; 137: 42-3,

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