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Cooling Remedies for Fever


Amyâ??s daughter had been feverish for several days, and we chatted while waiting for our other children to get out of schoo.

Amy’s daughter had been feverish for several days, and we chatted while waiting for our other children to get out of school. I reassured Amy that fever is a healthy immune system response and that suppressing it is like taking the bulb out of a warning light instead of fixing the real problem.

Homeopathic remedies are a natural alternative, supporting the body’s immune defence systems, reducing fever, but also shortening overall sick time and preventing recurrences. Homeopathy offers many fever remedies, each of which suits a particular kind of fever.

Many homeopathic fever remedies are available. Aconite, Belladonna, and Ferrum phosphoricum can alter the course of earaches, sore throats, and other feverous infections. Aconite calms sudden high fevers, especially when associated with anxiety or exposure to cold wind. Belladonna also allays sudden intense fevers, but the cheeks are rosy, the pupils dilated, and the skin hot and dry. The head feels congested and may throb. Ferrum phosphoricum soothes fevers that are neither intense nor characteristic.

Amy’s daughter, however, felt exceptionally tired and weak, her eyes drooped, and her knees were shaky. A headache nagged at the back of her head. These symptoms clearly called for Gelsemium, a typical flu remedy.

Bryonia is also for the flu, when aching predominates and nothing but lying very quietly appeases. Headaches, dry painful coughs, and thirst for large amounts of cold water are also characteristic.

When fever is combined with weakness, chills, and burning pains in patients who feel restless and prefer company, think of Arsenicum. Sipping warm drinks relieves.

Phosphorus is used similarly but the mood is cheerful despite the fever and a tremendous thirst for cold drinks persists.

When young children become cranky, fussy, and inconsolable except when carried, Chamomilla will allay. Chamomilla also treats fevers associated with earaches, diarrhea, and other infections.

When children feel clingy and tearful, their nature mild but needy, and other fever remedies do not fit, use Pulsatilla. These children crave open air and avoid drinks.

The three o’clock bell rings and the children are out for the day. Amy was excited to try Gelsemium, having learned that using the remedy most similar to the symptoms will cool a fever quickly and naturally without fear of suppression.

Use three 6C pills, four times daily until the fever subsides. Or take three of the stronger 30C pills, 12 hours apart, only as needed. Let the symptoms guide you: if the fever is improved, reduce and/or stop the remedy.

Always seek the help of a medical professional when fever:

  • occurs with vomiting, severe headaches, sleepiness, lethargy, stiff neck, or a bulging soft spot on an infant’s head.
  • rises above 37.4 C (99.4 F) in an infant younger than three months.
  • is 39.4 C (103 F) or higher and does not come down after four to six hours of home treatment in a child age three months to three years. 
  • is accompanied by delirium or hallucinations.

Source: BC Health Guide, 2000



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