Damn Good Advice

Damn Good Advice

Q: When I do a detox program, I feel great … but the feeling quickly dissipates as I return to my usual routine. How can I keep that energized feeling going all the time?

A: Many detox protocols focus on two things: removing foods and substances that cause a heavy body burden, and providing the building blocks for your body’s impressive natural detoxification pathways. While the liver gets a lot of the attention—and rightfully so—if you really want to hold on to that energized feeling, you might want to shift your focus to the gut!

The gut is unique because it has the ability—when it’s functioning well—to block harmful substances before they’re absorbed and transport them out of the body. Maintaining this barrier function of the gut is critical to good health.

One of your best allies in this is a good quality probiotic. Probiotics help to minimize the growth of bacteria that could lead to endotoxin absorption if your gut barrier is faulty. They can also lower inflammation, and some bacterial strains may actually help support gut barrier function itself. I love taking a liquid probiotic that exposes the entire length of the gut to these beneficial microbes.

In addition, you want to add high-fiber plant foods like artichokes, peas and raspberries to stay energized. Not only do they provide nutrient density for optimal health, but they also feed beneficial bacteria in the gut. Fiber is also critical to ensure that the waste contents of your gut move appropriately. Many of my clients love taking 1 to 3 tsp of ground psyllium (with plenty of water!) daily and report better elimination that leads to greater energy levels. Ask your health care practitioner which supplements are right for you.

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