Damn good advice

Damn good advice

Q. I’ve heard we should be eating way more than five a day when it comes to fruits and vegetables. How can I increase my intake quickly and easily?

A. “Supernutrition” is more important than ever: It used to be thought that people needed five servings of fruits and veggies a day; now experts are recommending 10. If you can manage to get this many servings of fruits and vegetables, you’ll be amazed by how super you’ll feel. However, it can be challenging to do. (Men in particular struggle to eat enough fruits and veggies!)

Fortunately, superfood supplements can help you ramp up to those 10 daily servings of fruits and veggies to help you feel amazing.

Why are fruits and vegetables so good for us? Fruits and vegetables are rich in compounds called phytonutrients that have very powerful antioxidant properties and also help to support a healthy inflammatory response. Phytonutrients are great for our bodies—evidence suggests they improve blood flow and nerve cell communication in the brain (think: more energy and vitality and less “brain fog”) and provide our bodies with antioxidant protection (think: antiaging)! Polyphenols are a type of phytonutrient that appears to slow the aging process—and research has recently identified that polyphenols support the friendly bacteria that live in our gut.

For a next-level gut superfood supplement, choose one with high phytonutrient content. Look for fermented ingredients and prebiotic fiber, too: when combined, this is where the magic happens in your gut! Fermentation can help decrease bloating, and it improves nutritional quality—phytonutrients become even more powerful! Meanwhile, prebiotic fiber encourages the growth of friendly gut bacteria for the best support that you can give your gut and your overall health.

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