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</P> The body works in a cooperative balance. When we aim to detoxify specific organs, we upset that balance and experience upsetting results..

With spring comes an intuitive desire to cleanse. Yet many of us shy away from this natural urge because of the fasting and detoxifying horror stories we've heard.

The body works in a cooperative balance. When we aim to detoxify specific organs, we upset that balance and experience upsetting results. The body has taken some time to reach its toxic state and is usually not able to handle a quick cleansing of toxins without overloading the organs further.

We can learn a lesson from the change of season that's upon us. The change is a gentle one the sunshine gradually feels warmer and our surroundings slowly come to life with green colour as we eventually leave winter behind. The change of season is not abrupt, yet it is a complete and successful transition.

An Easy Fast

In balance with the change of season, cleansing need not involve hunger, illness, or discomfort. While the quick and concentrated cleanses many embark on are valuable therapeutically, and the long-term fasts are valuable spiritually, there are effective ways to gently cleanse each day of the spring season to reap extremely healthful benefits.

The time between dinner and breakfast is the perfect time to do a daily fast of about 12 or 14 hours. It is best to eat the last meal of the day before 7 pm. Instead of processing food during the night, the body is free to rest, rebuild, and repair internally. In traditional Chinese medicine, the biorhythmic clock shows that the liver, our main detoxifying organ, is most active between 1 and 3 am. With a nightly fast, the liver is able to do its cleansing work.

A Daily Routine

Starting the day with a glass of pure, lukewarm water, with the juice of a fresh lemon squeezed in, is an excellent morning cleansing routine. In fact, drinking water throughout the day, between meals and snacks, is an extremely valuable cleansing tool.

To further the action of the daily cleanse, it is helpful to drink only fruit or vegetable juices until at least midmorning. By extending the fast with these gentle foods, the body has even more time to cleanse. In days gone by, the early spring was a time of scarcity, when the winter's store had been eaten but full harvest days were yet to come. Traditionally, this is a time to eat cleansing, tender spring greens with lunch and dinner.

In addition, fresh air, deep breathing, exercise, smaller meals, and whole foods will add up to a gentle yet effective cleanse. A few minutes of quiet time each day will help to cleanse the mind and bring focus to priorities.

Have faith in the wisdom of the gently emerging season. Answer your springtime desire for renewed health with simple steps toward daily cleansing.



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