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Drive to Revive

Have you ever noticed that many people treat their cars better than their bodies? If you aren't sure where to look for your body's warning lights, ask yourself a few questions.

Have you ever noticed that many people treat their cars better than their bodies? They wouldn’t dream of ignoring a warning light on the dash for an oil change or regular maintenance, but they often ignore the telltale signs that their body is in dire need of critical support.

Check Your Tires

If you aren’t sure where to look for your body’s warning lights, ask yourself a few questions. If you’ve recognized any of your body’s signals, your next question may be, “Is there really a solution to help with all of these symptoms?” In most cases, the answer is, “Absolutely yes,” as these symptoms often reflect nothing more than a squeaky wheel in need of maintenance.

Get the Lead Out

Toxins like heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.), solvents, pesticides, and other man-made chemicals can damage the body in an insidious and cumulative way. Once the detoxification system becomes overloaded, toxic metabolites accumulate, and we become progressively more sensitive to other chemicals, some of which are not normally toxic.

By reducing the toxic load on the body and giving the body proper nutritional support, in most cases these bothersome symptoms will disappear. Even more importantly, by addressing these warning signs now we can assure better long-term health and avoid the progression of minor problems to more serious conditions.

Your Detox Toolkit

Look for detox products in your local natural health store that are designed to support intensive cellular cleansing and detoxification and that provide ongoing support for normal liver function and also promote effective bowel movements. These products are your best bet to keep your engine purring.

Your Body’s Warning Lights

What are some of the body’s warning signs? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it is definitely time for the human equivalent of an oil change and tire rotation.

  • Do you feel that you are not as healthy and vibrant as other people your age?
  • Do you have low energy levels?
  • Do you often have difficulty thinking with clarity?
  • Do you often feel blue or depressed?
  • Do you get more than one or two colds a year?
  • Do you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, fibrocystic breast disease, or uterine fibroids?
  • Do you have bad breath or body odour?
  • Do you have sore, achy muscles?

What’s in Our Tanks?

Just a few of the thousands of chemicals that may be found in our bodies:

  • toxic metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, others)
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (char-broiled meats)
  • volatile organic compounds (solvents)
  • tobacco smoke byproducts (over 500 potential chemicals)
  • phthalates (plastics)
  • acrylamides (french fries, bread)
  • dioxins, furans, PBDEs (fire retardants), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • organochlorine byproducts of water purification
  • organophosphate pesticides
  • organochlorine pesticides
  • carbamate pesticides
  • herbicides
  • pest repellents and disinfectants


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Joshua Duvauchelle

Joshua Duvauchelle