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Eliminate Root Causes of Cancer


The current assumption is that if one could surgically remove, radiate or destroy all the cancer cells in a patient with chemotherapy then the disease would no longer exis.

The current assumption is that if one could surgically remove, radiate or destroy all the cancer cells in a patient with chemotherapy then the disease would no longer exist. The truth is that even if all the cancer cells are killed and the patient survives such a horrific experience, the causes supporting the disease would still be present. The disease is only in remission. Sooner or later it will find a new way to express itself in a new location.

One may ask, "What and where is the disease?" Cancer cells are the manifestation of a prior tendency or susceptibility. It's as if a type of cancer tree was grafted onto an individual, making it part of that person's "nature" to produce cancer. The immune system will do nothing to stop it. In other instances, susceptibility to cancerous growths is created through other stresses on the body, such as emotional stress, bad diet or through toxicity such as tobacco smoking.

Out of the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over the last half century little effort has been put into finding a way to improve diet or remove a susceptibility to cancer. The cancer research scientist cannot afford to have a prejudice, political agenda or begin with a premise that is not reasonable there are too many lives at risk.

Start at the Beginning

The starting premise is that we can work to minimize the factors that excite cancer as much as possible. This includes returning to organic farming methods, eating a whole food vegetarian diet and avoiding, whenever possible, the use of allopathic drugs. Many of the drugs that are prescribed, such as antibiotics, pain medications and antidepressants are temporarily effective but toxic. They further weaken the already injured immune system thus driving patients into a state where they become susceptible to cancerous tumours through mutated cells. With each generation this cycle is repeated so that the susceptibility to cancer becomes more entrenched.

In order for a therapy to be effective it must rebuild the ailing healing systems of the body. Therefore to cure cancer, the physical susceptibility has to be removed. This reversal means the genetic expression no longer produces cancerous cells but healthy ones. Any cancer cells are killed by the immune system.

One of the most effective methods to accomplish this goal is to give patients constitutional homeopathic remedies as they are needed throughout their life, long before the cancer has become manifest. A constitutional remedy matches the totality of the patient's symptoms--mental, emotional and physical. The remedy treats the cause, the underlying susceptibility (also called the simillimum).

The homeopathic remedy called Conium maculatum 30C illustrates this approach. It has a profound effect on someone when Conium is indicated. It's far more beneficial, however, to be given this remedy when the first symptoms appear, optimally this should be five years or more before the cancer starts to grow.

The signs to look for to indicate the use of Conium maculatum are:

  • spells of vertigo when turning the head or turning over in bed

  • pain in the breasts before menses

  • sensitivity to alcohol

  • the conscious suppression of one's sexual emotions. For example, a married women later in life loses her husband. The consequence is that she no longer has a way to express her sexuality. If Conium is taken at the beginning of this stressful time it can do a tremendous amount of good to help prevent the onset of cancer.

Diet and lifestyle, of course, must support the homeopathic remedy.

We Need Scientific Studies

The homeopathic approach can be proven in scientific studies. Over a 20-year period, 1,000 people over 30 years of age should be selected and treated homeopathically. The incidence of cancer in that group could then be compared with the incidence of cancer in the general population.

Presently there are approximately 200 homeopathic remedies that are listed to treat and prevent cancer. There could be many more if research and development into this area of study were to be established. It's a goal that could easily be reached with our current level of technology.

In a number of cases that I have treated with constitutional remedies, the cancer patient has shown clear signs of improvement. However on most occasions, the patient, under the direction of an oncologist, opted for another round of chemotherapy or radiation. Not surprisingly the various debilitating symptoms that the homeopathic medicine had helped, returned. Sad to say, in time, these patients who found themselves in such a weakened state often died from their illness. If homeopathic medicine was found to be statistically more effective than chemotherapy, surgery and radiation then doctors would be more supportive of a patient's choice to see a homeopath for cancer treatment. This requires a willingness on the doctor's part to be educated to do clinical tests.

I look forward to a time when, as a society we begin to teach homeopathy in medical schools, as well as to see what objective results can be achieved through homeopathic treatment, particularly since cancer is such a devastating illness and is worsening not decreasing.



No Proof

No Proof

Matthew Kadey, MSc, RDMatthew Kadey, MSc, RD